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Hello fellow dreamers,

I just joined yesterday, after looking into this site. My brother sent me a link to a Wikipedia article on the topic, and there I found a link to this site. I am pretty impressed with the design, and the content too - it seems very inspired and creative. I had disussed the topic of LD with my brother and his girlfriend. They are both curious about it, so maybe they will be seen here as well…

This night I followed a tip for getting into LD. I took a glass of water with me to the bedside, and drank half of it before saying to my self that when I wake up I will remember my dreams and drink the rest of it. Through the night, I were aware that I were trying to experience LD, but I didn’t experience very much control of my dreams. I woke up at 5 a.m. and I could at least remember some of my dreams. I went to sleep again, and I slept much lighter and had more influence on my dreams, but they were much more fragmented. I tried to ask for my spiritual guide, but I am not sure if I only heard my own voice.

I will continue to explore LD, but I feel uncertain about the outcome of this, as I doubt that I will be able to experience vivid dreams while still being consciously aware that I am dreaming.

The strangest thing happened in the morning. As I laid in bed taking notes of my dreams, my daughter woke up beside me and started to talk about her dreams and about taking notes of her dreams, although we hadn’t talked about this at all before. But coincidentally we saw a movie yesterday, in which a character talked about taking notes about her dreams.

Welcome to ld4all SpiritualSeeker

I can assure you that this is possible for everyone.

Just out of interest, what was the name of the movie?

Hi moogle,

The movie was a Norwegian family Xmas movie, "Julekongen ". Curiously, I also saw a reference to lucid dreaming in another Norwegian family movie (I don’t recall its name) recently, it seems like it’s could be well known among movie creators in Norway. It would not surprise me, as LD could bring forth creative impulses. Related, I 've heard that David Lynch used TM for creative inspiration.

I’m curious if I could become more creative through LD, or if there could be other fruits to be gained. I believe there’s a underlying spiritual reality to the unconscious realm. Especially I wonder if ppl have used LD to gain spiritual enlightenment.