Grief dreams. spiritual connection to another being

So a guy i am in love with just killed himself in the beginning of October! He was someone I did drugs with and worked in activism with. When i moved home around 7 or 8 years ago he was out of my life. I talked with him telepathically a lot.

Knowing he died, I had a dream of being in heaven with him, in some sort of camp. Another person I lost, Sara, was there too and I kissed her on the corner of the lips. I knew this dream was coming because I had it the night after finding out this guy died. And the dream was intense and beautiful but I didn’t become lucid in it, I just thought i was in heaven or something like that.

I want to connect to this guy who he is now where he is heaven or hell and be there for him spiritually. and have lucid dreams about him. Its a new thing I know he’s dead so if he’s there it must be a dream, right? so I am gonna try it bc I wand lds. Any tips and advice?


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My personal view is … if someone who has died needs to appear in a dream they will. But my own ethics feels it is wrong to try to force this.

Hopefully, someone will come along with advice for you soon.