Group Projects - Group Lucidity Pursuit

Some guys have started a group lucidity project. Their topic can be found here:

I think it is a really good idea to do this kind of group projects and I think we should form more groups.

People should get together, form a group of say 4 - 7, set a date, start a project and do it for one, two or more weeks. Every day, every group member would report back with detailed feedback for everyone else to benefit from mutual findings and experiences. This would also keep the motivation of the entire group high.

For example:

Beginner groups could do:

  • counting how many dreams one remembers per night (try to increase dream recall)
  • counting reality checks per day
  • MILD
  • etc etc


  • some pre-defined WILD method
  • Suneye method
  • various other techniques


  • some sort of LD experiments

Your opinions? :smile:

I see a WILD group has formed spontaneously:

i’m definately up for. i have a question though, what rank i guess would i be? i’ve started trying to lucid dream since november and i had my first Jan. 25th. however after that i’ve had tons, 3-4 a week since then. would i be beginner, intermediate or expert?

If you ask me, a beginner would be someone who is just starting out and has perhaps had a couple lucid dreams. Experts would be those who can have LDs whenever they choose so. All the others are in between. :wink:

This is just a rough approximation of the “ranks”. There’s no need to be ranking anyone though, it doesn’t really matter to which category you belong, the important thing is in which kinds of projects would you be interested in participating.

It’s up to you to choose. Since you have quite a lot of LDs you could be participating in some “in dream” experiments, like that one, where folx were measuring the length of a room. :wink:

Me for example would be interested in doing some WILD stuff to make better use of my morning awakenings, since I’m nearly a total beginner in this area.

And so on. If there will be enough people interested we’ll start something, otherwise, well, I’ll just continue to do my personal projects…


Sputnik…err Strawin,
Let’s do something tonight. I have tonight off also and I can sleep as long as I want. If you can think of any ideas…or anyone for that matter, then lets try them out. I am open for trying anything. Maybe something with temperature of room or an icepack like dreamaddict used…get those minds churning!


Sorry, didn’t see your post yesterday, we went out early (and came back early) so I decided to try some WILD in the morning.

I woke up at 6am and set my alarms to go off every half an hour, up until 10am. Everytime I would try to concentrate on the hypnogogic imagery.

At least I thought I would… :hm:

Besides my mind most of the time wandering on its own, sleep always took me. So I was wondering, and I’m gonna try this one of this days, everytime that alarm went off I should get up, go wash my face real good, so that I don’t feel so drowsy anymore and go back to sleep. But before going to bed firmly resolve that I’ll stick to my hypnogogic images and step with them into the dream. I think it would also be good, the first time that I’ll wake up, to stay up for an hour or so. In order to wake up my mind even more…

I think I’ll be trying similar stuff for at least a week or two and experiment and hopefully come up with some sort of solutions… It’s not that I haven’t tried of had WILD succeed before, but I never really got into doing it and the success I had was more or less casual so I figured it would be time…

in a related topic, at we accually have dream teams with fourms and everything, there are alot of ppl from this fourm already on it, anyways a new team is starting (called Uni-Versal Dreamers) and feel free to join. u can find all u need to know about the teams here: if ur interested jus set up a account on it and pm me (my name is Neo there as well) :grin:

Hey, thanx. I’ll check that out.