Im getting some results tonight!

Well I’m gonna saddle up to the bar tonight. I am either going to have some strange experiences tonight or I am not going to be getting much sleep. On nights that I have to have sleep I will try and wild after 5 hours of sleep and then try and fall asleep consciously for about an hour or so. If i don’t get results I just turn over and fall asleep. Tonight I am going to stay conscious till something happens. I will let you guys know how everything goes tomorrow morning. It is 10 pm now I am going to bed at 12. I am going to get some serious stuff done tonight. woohoo I can’t wait.

anything for lucidity!,

You are not being aware right now…wake up and do a reality check…you wouldn’t have known if you were dreaming within the last 20 seconds of reading my post… :wink:

You know what? I do the same thing as you, I try for about forty five minutes and if I don’t get a WILD by then I just roll over and go to sleep. Not tonight though. Tonight I sware I’m going to stay up until I have a WILD. Hey, tomorrows saturday, I’ve got nothing to lose. Thanks for posting this board, you’ve inspired me. And good luck! :happy:

Alright I got a partner! At least I will feel better knowing I won’t be the only one losing sleep tonight! :wink: We should do this like every friday night and get a big group together. That would be pretty fun. I wish we could put this in the Lucid Laboratory, then we could make it an official experiment. We could call it “The guys who are determined to do something or at least try to one night a week!”
Well, alright Imagine good luck to you buddy!
I expect to hear from you tomorrow morning.
Lucid dreams here I come! :cool_laugh:


well you can add a third partner, as i’m going to do this too. i’ve tried WILD many times with no success and after a while i get bored and just fall asleep. but thanks to you guys i’m not going to do that. i’m going to sit there for ever until i fall asleep conciously. and it is saturday so theres no loss of sleep! best of luck!

This is getting good. Let’s all compare notes tomorrow morning and see what we get. Even if all you have is I fell asleep on accident, then that’s ok cause we are trying! If anyone else reads this before they hit the sack tonight then post up here and let us know. Post your results in here tomorrow morning or afternoon, whatever time of day it is that you wake up. Good luck once again and we are happy to have you aboard Master Pane! Sweet Dreams! :smile:


count me in

update: SUCCESS!! :cool_laugh: :grin: i tried having it at night when i went to bed, but i fell asleep and then i woke up in the morning, around 8 o’clock and decided to give it another go. so i turned over and looked into the blackness, and woila! i got sucked in and ended up in a dream fully lucid. i’ll post the details of it later, it was my most lucid lucid dream yet!! i hope you guys had success too. and welcome freakker, good to have you aboard.

My Results: 4 remembered dreams all good detail…one set of vibrations

I’m gonna summarize for you. Ok, so last night I set my alarm for 3:15. I go to bed and fall asleep for 3 hours. I wake up and already remember one dream. I get up for 10 minutes and read a little bit of LaBerge’s book EWLD. I go back and lie in bed and keep repeating that I will fall asleep consciously. I use a breathing technique and before I know it I am already asleep… :grrr: Well I guess since I knew I was supposed to be up as much as I could I woke up again at about 8:00 without an alarm clock. I remembered 2 more dreams in the past 5 hours of sleep. So at 8:00 I make sure I am fully awake and then I get back into bed. I lie there for what seems like an hour and I start getting that kind of dizzy feeling in your head when you know your finally passing out. I remain conscious and I am in like complete black space. My whole body starts to shake with vibrations and while this is going on it feels like my body has just warmed up like 10 degrees. It felt so awesome. :content: The disappointing thing is that I guess I got excited and it woke me back up so I couldn’t carry over into the dream state!!! AGh I was so close I think. I also missed 2 huge dream signs in my 4 dreams which is also not fun. But over all I think I am that much closer to getting another LD :cool_laugh: . Thanks for joining me and I will be seeing you guys around. Let’s try and get us together for something tonight again, or next friday night. Thanks again!


Yes! Great results! I’ve been on a major dry spell for the past few weeks, but tonight I finally broke through! Nothing happened for the first part of it, then after half an hour I was fighting the urge to just go to sleep, and I thought “no, no matter how tired I get I will not give in,” and almost immediately I got the vibrations. They led into a full blown lucid dream, but then I got exited and woke up. (grrr). I’ll definitely be with you next Friday night, cause I have a feeling this is really gonna be worth the loss of sleep. :grin:

well, i’m willing to do this tonight… but you guys probably don’t want to because you did it last night. I wish I saw this sooner… but anyway, I’ll do it tonight and post my results. I’ve only had 3 LD’s so far, so if I have my 4th ever this is definately a good thing to do every week… on the weekends. I’ll let ya know how everything goes :cool_laugh:

I have never lucid dreamed while my sister does it without trying! Ugh!>:( So I will be trying all night and for the rest of the week (I have a vacation) :grin: . Any suggestions?

Hey CCHawk,
I have tonight off also, so I will try it with you again tonight. I was the only one that didn’t get lucid so Im gonna do it tonight also. Imagine and Master Pane I want some details…lets hear about those lucid dreams eh? by the way both of you guys go to this website and pick yourselves out an avatar. You guys are like twins with those.

Pick out an avatar.

Right click on it and select properties

Make sure it is less than 60 x 60 pixels and under 4kb

Copy and paste the link into your profile and delete your old image.

sorry this turned into an avatar post…but yea I will try WILD again tonight and just wanted to say good job guys with last nights. If anyone else wants to give it a go tonight just drop a post in here.
We might try and do an experiment if strawin or I can think of one before its time for bed. Maybe along the lines of keeping your head cold with an icepack or something? i dont know yet…i will keep you posted (no pun intended)

I’ll try it, too, just not tonight. I have Church tomorrow so I’ll try it tomorrow night.

I’ve attempted WILD many times but I guess I just didn’t have the will power to stay awake. It’s really hard to just concentrate on lucid dreaming when I’m trying to fall asleep because it’s boring. I can’t think of anything dream related that keeps me excited enough to stay on the subject. The only images I get in my head when thinking about it are blurry, still pictures.

This post was never here …

oh, im so in for tonight… i havnt ld’d once so if i get a ld, ill be super happy :grin: !

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hehe this is the coolest avatar. anyway, yeah i’m definately going to try it again tonight. had success this morning so i’m going to try it again. good job everyone else who succeeded and good luck for everyone else! remember to update!

oh and by the J05h, i’m going to post my WILD dream from this morning in the other forum, complete with all of my lucid dreams since Jan. 25th, so thats what its taking so long :wink:

word. i haven’t had a WILD in a while. let’s see what happens tonight.
good lucks, ian

Yeah, I’m going to try it again tonight. Seems like we got alot more of us now. This time I won’t wake up. So, yes, I can’t wait to get lucid tonight!!! :cool_laugh:

:user: Boy am I tired for some reason. I think that the faster I fall asleep the better chances I have for getting a LD through wild. I am looking foward to tonight and it looks like we got a couple others…Don’t give up on wild so easy sometimes it just takes that little extra effort. Last night we got pretty good results I think. Its just a matter of staying committed till you pass out. Good Luck to everyone and I hope to hear from you in the morning…p.s. sorry I couldn’t come up with any experiment to try tonight. I will try and put something together for next friday night.
Good Luck,
J05h :zzzz: