Group Reality Check

Hmmm StarryGwee, this one might be a bit tricky if it is our own cell that rings :razz:
Think by the time I’m done with my reality check it will have stopped ringing. :grin:

#6, I talked about MY personal RC’s :tongue: hmm, a group RC outside? If it should be common I would go for the moon :moon: and of course keep the mirror RC :grin:

ohhh I like the puddle idea 6! So whenever we see puddles or like a damp spot on the ground. :content: I’ll add this one to my list!

Ah the moon is great idea! I love the moon <3

Elevators is another good spot IMO, provided that you have an elevator not too far away :tongue: but its better if the mirror stays as an RC checkpoint for now, and can always be backed up by other personal RC spots :cool:

Most elevators I use have mirrors :lol: 2 in 1 RC!

cool I always to RC’s in elevators. I don’t come across them to often. But, I do go to the library almost everyday, but never take the elevator. I’ll start taking it now for RC’ig sake! :grin:

totally. We can always come to this topic to share how the mirror RC is going and also to keep in touch with that group strength for RC’ing.

mattias: that’s so cool you have mirrors in the elevator. :cool:

I’m in! I also have trouble remembering. lol

Group RCs are a great idea! I’ve started doing RCs whenever I see a mirror and airplanes in the sky outside. At least I’ve been trying to remember…

mattias, the elevator in my school has mirrors :razz: so two RC’s in one for me as well :grin:

Still RCing regularly, but I haven’t seen any mirrors in my dreams. I did have an LD in an elevator last night, though… thanks to this thread, perhaps? :tongue:

Count me in XD
Even though I usually don’t dream of mirrors, only once that I can remember. But it’s worth a try. XD
Another RC I think would be good would be every time you get in a vehicle.

Gah, still too lazy to RC every mirror I see :ack: but at least I see no mirrors in the dreams :tongue:

what about doing a RC every time you eat something? It’s not that frequent that you get sick of doing rcs and I think we all eat in dreams from time to time…

Actually I do RC so often that they had turned pointless for me :tongue: but since its a habit I have I still RC very often :tongue:

I’m joining. Though there aren’t so many mirrors around my house :tongue:

Hello Everybody, Are WE Lucid Dreaming Right NOw?

This poor group reality check has gotten a little stale. :neutral: Well that’s life!

I just thought of a new idea, so join me if you like: Right now it is 5:57PM Eastern Standard Time.

I am going to do a REality Check @
6:15 PM
7:00 PM
7:45 PM
8:30 PM
9:15 PM

When I do the reality check, I am going to say out loud:
“Are WE lucid dreaming right now?” And I will look in the mirror or any reflection I can and try to push my finger through it and also pinch my nose and try to breath to figure out if WE are lucid dreaming or not!

Okay, I’m going to go grab my cellphone, set the alarms now, so join me if you like!

Hey Six, I set those alarms on my cellphone too, gonna try the nose RC with all of them. We’ll see if I do it in my dream tonight too! :happy:

High five FretDancer!

I hope we both get lucid tonight from these reality checks together! :smile:

We could make it even trippier and think of each other while doing them, and have a shared lucid dream together!