Growing taller through lucid dreams?

Since there is so much potential to lucid dreaming, I was just wondering if it may be possible to physically alter your real body while you are in a lucid dream. I remember reading something a couple years ago about “working out” in lucid dreams. I believe they found that muscle mass did increase, but only by something like 0.0001%.

Some people swear by hypnosis and meditation to overcome obstacles in their everyday living, and what better place to do that than in your subconscious world? Is it possible to stimulate or tell your brain to produce more bodily growth? After all, everything is controlled by our brains and when we tap into our subconscious, we are in the hub of mind control (or is that not the case?).

Anyway, does anyone know/think this is possible? Any other instances in which lucid dreams have been used to alter the physical body?


The Human Growth Hormone is released from your glands sometime during sleep (during when you dream I think maybe, but I could definately be wrong.) Anyway if somehow in your dream you could send a message to your brain to tell those glands to release that hormone it could work I suppose.

If that is possible then it would also be possible to alter the bodies motabilism making it easier to lose weight.

Hmmm, we need to test this…

Most likely, if we could, you would grow almost unnoticeably. Besides, we grow a bit every time we sleep every night.

They should try this out becuse if it worked it would be soooooooooooo cool! :smile: :woo: :happy: :woo: :woo: :happy: :woo: :tongue:

Yes - this is true. Growth Hormone release peaks mostly during REM sleep, which then adds to the possibility of increasing this production through your lucid dreams.

It’s possible. Some people use subliminal messaging/meditation/willpower to lose weight. What makes growth more possible through lucidity is that 50% of growth hormone secretion occurs during later stages of REM.

If this works, why would you grow unnoticeably? In theory, you will just be increasing the amount of HGH produced - and it’s already being produced while we dream. If you are a teenager, you are already producing more HGH than adults so if you increase that amount, you should see growth upon growth you already experience during adolescence.

Yes, we do grow up to an inch every night, but this is unrelated to growth hormones. This is due to spinal decompression when we lie down because gravity is not acting on our spines vertically.

Hmm…actually it seems HGH is released during NREM stages, in which case you could tell the body (during REM) to produce more HGH and less stomatostatin (which inhibits HGH).

Anyway, it would be really cool if someone could test this out if you have frequent LDs.

I think that this is possible. I’m ganna try to make my muscles grow a little quicker through lucid dreaming then. :grin:

Utter speculation. LD’s are not the magic gateways to everything.

If you want to grow more muscles, I suggest exercise.

I do exercise, a lot. But with a slight possibility of making muscles grow faster would you not take that chance? I think anyone would.

Tonight, there will be a monster under your bed which will boil you in acid, unless you go outside right now and howl at the sky.

What, do you think that is ridiculous? Would you take the chance?

It’s better explained that way: we are 1-2 cm taller in the morning than in the evening because of the spine discs’ compression that get back to their relaxed, stretched shape during the night.

As for the muscle mass increase, get your lazy butt off the chair and go exercise outside :tongue: you can practice movements in LD s but you don’t practice muscles.

Besides, it’s more about the attitude you take: you will surely get more results if you expect them and strive for them, so why bother wasting a LD saying “release growth hormone! release growth hormone!”;
lawl, even if it worked (which i doubt, how can your body know which hormone are you pointing to?) i could bet anything your body (and by body i mean the most primitive part of the brain) knows better than you do about when to release what.

What are you even talking about? A monster under my bed? howl at the sky? that had nothing to do with this topic…
I do exercise everyday, and I’m not lazy.

So true

Hmm, well this certainly sounds interesting.
The closest thing I’ve thought that relates to this is using Lucid Dreams for weight loss. For example, if you had frequent Lucid Dreams, you could eat whatever the hell you wanted, as much as you wanted, for as long as you wanted. That way, if you were trying to lose weight, you could think like this perhaps: “Hmm, I won’t eat this icecream now, I can just pig out in my Lucid Dream tonight.”

Hahh, I’ve always wanted to try that. Anyway, if this is ever tested, post a thread! :smile:


I wasn’t talking about anyone in particular, sorry if it seemed so; it’s just that some people think LD s can be a replacement for life, while it’s a completely different story.

That I agree with completely. While LD’s are a spectacular escape, there’s nothing like doing something in real life that you’ve been unable to do that you’ve been doing in LD’s.

In regards to this taller/weight loss thing. My inner rationalist is a little bit skeptical and wants to make a: “if only” comment (I’m only 5 foot 1 1/2 :wink: ), but it’d be interesting to actually see some tests on this.

I’ve been thinking about that too, eat healthy when you are awake and eat unhealthy in your dreams :happy: I ate chocolate once in a ND and it tasted just as good or even better then IRL.

Hehe, exactly! I was hoping someone would understand. :tongue: