GRRR I've tried for nearly a month and still no ld...


Although at least since I’ve started trying I’m remember a dream most nights :content: .

But gRRRRRR I want an ld…

maybe I need a way of knowing I’m dreaming…

Do you want to know the ultimate secret of Lucid dreaming?


It’s a very easy technique…think about luicid dreming all day long…read articles about lucid dreaming, write postings here…read…read…post…write…think…imagine…
I takes at around 2-3 hours each day to get a Ld…guaranteed! But It’s very important to spread your “thinkwork” over the day…

You just have to want it bad enough!!!

should I keep repeating “I am going to have a lucid dream” or something like that?

I think your trying to hard, thats the problem. You kinda of need your head flowing like normal good thoughts. Get in a great mood, eat your favorite dinner watch good movies, anything that gradually gets you tired. (Hopefully YOU have been remembering old dreams b/c thats important too!) So when you are in the dream state maybe you’ll take it Lucid. Its like waking up in a dream and you actually notice you are dreaming. Try to be comfortable at all times thats my advice :alien:

I don’t think I’m trying too much… I don’t do RCs and I don’t repeat stuff to myself, well sometimes I might but not all the way until I’m asleep…

I have noticed a pattern though :wink: a few dreams I’ve had, have had something to do with what I heard on the radio the previous night.

I can never really seem to go asleep with my walkman on, if it was a radio then I could but the earphones are so uncomfortable, would it be good to listen to the radio for a while?

I hate the Radio b/c you never know whats going come one next. Ecspecially if it is a song that you cant listen to. Organize a cd of easy listening songs night after night, and i bet you will realize by the next night or so , that one of your favorite songs are playing and hopefully you can take loose in your dream. This can work, its a great strategy, ecspecially if you are toned by music.[/i]

Hmmm… you know, I want to lucid dream like mad but for me they are pretty infrequent. I have only averaged about one every two months or so since I started trying to have them and most of them have been on the lower end of lucidity.
I think about lucid dreams, write down the dreams that I recall each morning, play out what I will do the next time I go lucid… I can’t wait for my next trip because it always feels so good and it puts me in a good mood for days.

So just thinking about them a lot and daydreaming doesn’t work for everyone. I bought LaBerge’s book and have read through it a couple times and I am going to start trying some of the excercises. You might want to get your hands on that book too. Stephen LaBerge, Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming. Really good book on the topic of Lucid Dreaming. it all comes down to whats best for you. So far I have just been spending time going over my dreams, becoming familiar with the way they work and common themes that arise in them in hopes that something in my conscious brain will click while I’m actually dreaming. check out some different ways to LD and start trying a few different ones. Everyone has there favorite method.

I have been trying for over a month as well… almost 2 months… and had a very short lucid dream the other night… I realised i was dreaming… spun around in a circle to try and clear things up a bit… then the lucidity left… I am glad i had the experience though… i have read here that once u get that first one under your belt the rest will come easier

I know how you feel. I tried too hard too for a month or so.

But now, when I´m hardly trying to LD at all, it just says “click” like that - and I´m lucid in my dreams.

well yesterday I didn’t have an ld :confused: but I had a normal dream, a VERY short one… it was… I can’t really explain it…

well right now my internet is free at weekends, there’s this other thing we’re thinking of getting where it’s 1c a minute (Euro c that is). I worked it out a while ago with a bill that it’d be SLIGHTLY more expensive to get the 1c a minute thing, but then again I probably wouldn’t use it as much, but either way the dream was like this:

A computer screen, the screen was black, I think IE was on and it had orange text on the screen, like this:

adsafdasfas aasfdsfsad asdfsdfsafasfsf
fasfasfasfff afsadfsdfsd asdfasdfdfasdf

asfsdafsadf asefasdfsdf asasdfsadf
asdfasfasdf asdfsafdfsdf asdfsdfsadf

and it said something about it being 1c a minute. And then for some reason I knew it’d be cheaper, although I worked it out that it wasn’t. Or maybe someone beside me said it would be cheaper, I almost feel like he was really forcing it on me or something… like always saying it’d be cheaper and pressuring me into getting it or something…

the phone company is invading my dreams!!! :bored:

LOL…dream commercials…funny!
Don’t you have flatrates in Ireland?

on topic: I bet, you’ll have your first LD VERY soon! Maybe even tonight…
WANT IT & YOU’LL GET IT!!! I’ll also provide you with some of my “LD Power”…

Lucid dreaming is the force!!

well I think we have flatrates, but I think it’s only if you get ADSL which is just coming out here kinda, I think it’s… €130 a month or something as long as you don;t go over 3 gigabytes, but who’d go over that?

me want adsl.

but onto dreaming. gimme some of that LD Power… AAHHHMMMMMMM…

but DAMNIT! I want one NOW… What do YOU do?

EXACTLY. Tell me step by step.

I had a lucid dream last night…not very vivid…but lucid :wink:
Guess why? I read this forum every day if I want to have a lucid dream…and it works!! In addition, I remind myself daily that my aim is to have a Lucid dream next time…It always takes me at around 1 week until I reach my goal…

that’s it! Simple & easy :eek:

Keep the dream diary, I know it can be a pain but if you want it bad enough you’ll have to do it!!

Read all you can about LD’s stuff your brain, my website is … mepage.htm and that has a links page to other lucid sites etc.

Ask yourself as many times as you can during the day “am I dreaming?”

Never give up! :alien:

ok, tonight I WILL… thinks of something to do…um…

would visualising myself flying or something help?

ok, tonight I WILL… thinks of something to do…um…

would visualising myself flying or something help?

Sorry… going off topic a bit here, but I couldn’t help but notice:

Are you kidding me? If that’s per month, that means you can’t download a few good quality movies in a month.

3 gigs may seem like a lot, but during a month it all adds up… My conclusion is any hight speed ISP that has a transfer limit is just evil.

Now, to go on topic, um… good luck with your LDing :smile:

no ld yet but…

I had a dream a while ago that Portugal bet Ireland something like 30 to 2.

So today russia beats ireland 4-2. :confused:

it was a euro 2004 qualifier and euro 2004 is in portugal I think…

it’s almost like some kinda sign :eh:

I’m going to tell how I got my first LD, it migth help you out a bit.

When I first heard about LDing I had to know everything about and I used a week where I was just collecting info and training my dream memory (before I started LDing I didn’t remember my dreams). The next two weeks I used to do preperations that I had read about, like finding dreamsigns and stuff. But I was hoping for a DILD. the 4th week I was finaly trying on MILDs. and at the start of the 5th week I got a LD by waking up in the early morning (by the sun). I didn’t stay up or something, I was just going back to sleep while repeating “I will understand that I’m dreaming when I’m dreaming” (in norwegian ofcourse). When I started dreaming I understoud that it was a dream after 30sec or so. It was a very vivid LD. Everything was very clear, but I didn’t have any real power. I had to use the spinning tecnique right after I got Lucid since it was fading. It was a 5min long LD where I lost some control at the end.

I’m not very good at inducing tecniques since I only use MILD myself, but if you are going to use music I will recommend movie music like the jurassic park music its easy to sleep with and makes the dream more dramatic if its a nonLD

Sorry for takeing this thread off topic (again) but I can’t pass up a good chance for a winge at my ISP.

Agreed, There’s only 2 high speed ISP’s in Australia and both have usage caps, I can only afford 3GB and it’s KILLING ME!

btw, keep at it SeanIRL, it’ll come, however slowly. Have you had any false awakeings or “dream’s about Lucid deams” (psuedo-LD’s)? cause those things are both indicators that and LD is just around the corner.