GRRRR !!!!!

Ok well some of you know me. but some of you don’t, i haven’t been active much lately because i am getting VERY naffed off with the whole lucid dreaming thing… i have been practicing and studying lucid dreaming, and reading about it and every god dam other thing you can do to learn about it… and try it. for the last … umm coming on 2 years now and still nadda… no lucid dream… well one but it lasted barley seconds… is there any way people can thing of to literally have a lucid dream tonight… with out hours of trying… i have just got bacjk in touch with a friend and he was like “hey know anything bout lucid dreaming ?” and i was like hell yeah and told him what ever he wanted to know and he is remembering like 4-5+ dreams a ngiht without a journal ect and having about 5 lucid dreams a week… and since about 3 months ago( the same week i joined ld4all ) i hve been remembering 1 dream a week if im lucky when before that time i was remembering about 6+ a night


I understand that it must feel pretty frustrating… But if you read through the guides in the internet they say, if you feel frustrated, just quit it for a while :smile:. I think its somehow like finding a partner (Weird Comparision :wink:) if you want it too much you wont find one.

Hope I could help :sad:.

H2B is right…
When you are getting frustrated you are telling your SC that you cant/wont have a LD.
If you are trying for 2 years with no success, you HAVE to lay it off for a couple of weeks or at least a couple of days.
Dont get nervous about it and think about it too much, be minded to it and it will come.
Lucid Dreaming is a very natural ability, the only thing keeping your from achieving lucid dreams is you.
I induce Lucid Dreams simply by deciding to do so, I dont hesitate, I dont wonder if its going to happen, I just go to sleep with the decision to have one and the knowing I will, I dont concentrate on it as the MILD system suggests. I think this is the easiest way, Ive been doing it since I was a child with breaks of course. I tried many of the other systems to see what it would be like, I achieved success once with FILD, maybe you should try that. and at the moment, im practicing on rare occasions WILD, as I never entered a dream from the waking state so I would like to see how would that be.

Brainwave Entertainment could help you lucid dream…
Maybe you should try that if you are so desperate.

But again, in my opinion, try taking a break for some time, not thinking about lucid dreams at all. When youll get back to it, youll be a lot more motivated and chilled about it. Dont force it… itll just happen, maybe when youll take a break youll suddenly have a LD.

Ask yourself, in this 2 year period, did I constantly tell myself I will have a lucid dream, or did I constantly tell myself I can not and will not have a lucid dream. Im not talking about what you said physically to yourself when going to bed like in the MILD method. Im talking about your conscious and subconscious thoughts in your everyday life regarding to lucid dreams.

Keep in mind, Lucid Dreaming is easy, and your thoughts are whats keeping you apart from it.

Have fun

if u need more help feel free to pm

What you need to do:

  • Keep an accurate dream journal, write down fragments or feelings from dreams and even sketch a picture of it if you want.

  • Switch your method for getting lucid dreams, I reccomend you use WILD/MILD/WBTB because there’s 3 ways to get lucid at one time.

  • Pay attention to your dreams: look for common themes, characters, situations, and objects that you see in real life too and whenever you see it in real life, do a reality check.

  • Whenever you see something out of the ordinary in real life, you could be lucid dreaming, so do a reality check. Even if you’re not dreaming, it can’t hurt to try.

  • Do more reality checks.

  • Don’t get stressed. Really. It’s the worst thing you can do. Just keep trying. If you still can’t get lucid then take a break from lucid dreaming for a week.

Good luck with the lucid dreaming. :colgate: :ld4all:

The first problem I see at the moment is your dream recall. 1 dream recalled per week is too infrequent and you will most likely forget any lucid dreams you have in the first place. The second issue falls right in line with issue 1, which is your frustration. You’re getting to the point where your convincing yourself that LDing is hard and you won’t have any which kills your odds of LDing. I strongly recommend that you take at least a week or two, if not a month of from lucid dreaming and just reboot.

When you return focus on getting your dream recall back to at least one dream per night. THEN and only then should you begin working on lucid dream techniques again.

Yeah, get lucky. Until you can LD consistently/at will your never going to be assured a lucid dream on any particular night. What your forgetting is that lucid dreaming is a skill, much like playing a sport. Nobody goes out in a week or a month and becomes a world class athlete, it takes tons of practice and time. While it isn’t as hard to have LD’s at will as it is to become a world class athlete it still takes times and practice. Also, like real sports some people are more “naturally talented:” or lucky an it doesn’t take as much effort for them to have lucid dreams - this probably explains your friend. It can take years to reach the point of being able to lucid dream at will.

Not sure if this is your thing… But just for something different… Try to locate a clear quartz crystal… I sleep with several crystal clusters in window sills around my bed… I find the more you have the better. I had some friends who bought boxes of crystals from Brazil… and she said she had some of the most incredible and intense dreams of her life while they were in her room… Granted, they had thousands of dollars of crystals in their bedroom, at the time. Nevertheless, if you are practicing your reality checks, you may want to also try sleeping with a crystal under you pillow or in a window sill near your bed… I find this is intensified by the full moon. You can also program the crystal by putting your intention of having a lucid dream into it, before you go to sleep.

I intend to find out. :happy: Click me?

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viscount slurpee wrote:
Is there any scientific explanation for the supposed efficacy of crystals, or is it just some sort of spiritual belief?

I base my techniques on personal experience, not on scientific explanation. Furthermore, the placebo effect is a very powerful tool, and an underestimated one, at that.

when you say its intensified by the full moon… a lot of people thing a full moon will give you more vivid, better lucid dreams anyways… and il think ill pass on the crysals thing…


I suggest take a shot at the ‘LucidWarp’ course, designed to make you get LDs at will, and beleive in your ability to LD.
Trust me, the first time i looked into LDing, id never seen this site and had a few sources from elseswhere, tried for months…no luck. Then 6 odd months later i have one out of the blue, granted only a few seconds… But then i found this site and now ive had 23.

Its getting motivated, and dont really sound it tbh.
Also, after the lucidwarp id give the ‘Infinity’ Software a try, all 152 people who tried it got a least 1 LD, and the course only takes a week. :content:

So, the links? - then click software, its all there. & you have bendrummin58 to credit… its his site :cheesy: