I don’t personally believe in a guide specifically for your dream. I do believe that guides can help you in a dream, however.
I have been recalling dreams again and have been noticing a strange feeling.
It’s more of a knowing. In certain dreams I have become aware that I am not alone. There is an entity with me. It has no face or form. It always situates itself behind me to the right. In the first dream I remember noticing them it was with a little boy. He came out of a dark room followed by a witch or something. Just a bad lady. I put my right arm in front of him and pushed him behind me to the entity. We were protecting the boy from the woman.
I’m wondering if this is my guide visiting my dreams. Any thoughts?

Moved from Lucid Adventures as it doesn’t seem to be about something to do in a LD specifically. :mattias:

I don’t know man, I’ve posted similar post before when I said that I have a feeling that someone is with me but I don’t know who, I just feel the presence… And that’s with many dreams so I don’t know…

I’m trying to find my guide but it’s not going so good! :content:

Have you tried contacting them directly? I’ve heard of people claiming to have direct contact with their guide. Some in meditation and others in dream.
While I have interacted with my guide in a dream our contact remains limited. My first impression when I noticed the entity was that it was a guardian or guide. Trust your instinct and good luck :smile:.

The thing is that I didn’t had the chance.

I had only one lucid dream where I was seeking my dream guide. And after what seemed as failure my grandfather appeared. But the feeling was completely different as he wasn’t part of this story as part of my seeking. It felt like he was just a mere possibility in a dream, if you know what I mean…

I’ve always though that my dream guide would be one of my friends from elementary and high school, because he’s in like 70% of my dreams… But who knows…

Lately I’m having the problem getting lucid because I started to work on my new job and everything is disrupted now, I’m still getting into routine and dreaming for that matter, it’s a big change for me so that’s it…