Guitar Hero anyone>>>

Delillos and postgirobygget on Gh , hmm

I’ve tried GH a few time, first time in the store, i didnt get that they implemented anyting but the knots, so i got 0 points and put the guitar away, (played smoke on the water way better on real guitar :wink: )

But the second time i tried it at a mates place, he showed me and i did avarage i guess

bought it, own it, played it, loved it :tongue:

Have both GH2 and GH2:80’s love them. Can play all songs on expert and can five star about half maybe a bit more.

Also I can play it behind my head for a bulk of Hard songs and a few Expert songs and I still 5 star them.

hmm, kool. your almost as good as me… hehe

lol wow, i got GH3 for christmas and i can just barely make it through about half the songs on hard

whoaaaa i made this post soo long ago :tongue:

keep trying

I have GH, GHII and GHIII on PS2. Finished GH on Expert including all the bonus songs; Finished GHII on Expert including a majority of bonus songs except the hardest ones (Jordan, etc.); currently trying to beat Lou in battle on Hard in GHIII.

…and I play Frets on Fire at school :cool:

I have Guitar Hero II & III for the 360. Since I’ve been playing Rock Band with my brother a lot, when we went to play Guitar Hero I was like WHOA its so bad. Rock Band seems better to me. (they were created by the same people I know)

lol im starting to think i should have gotten rockband instead cuz i have my bro to play with and its a longshot but my cuz might want to play too which makes 3

I’m going to get rockband soon. maybe when i go to college, anybody want to make a band later :tongue:

Uh…excuse me, I’m not much of a gamer so maybe I don’t understand…

but why not just learn to play the guitar?

now the Norwegian folk song version id buy . :lol:

I started with Guitar Hero 2. Beat it, then beat Guitar Hero 3. I play on expert and can 5 star most of the songs.

I now play drums on Rock Band. Why? Because the drums on Rock Band actually teach you to play real drums. I’m pretty good already, but some of the expert songs seem impossible to me.

I too think this game (and video game in general) is horribly silly and costs you more than it will pay off but… the thing is, Guitar Hero is easier than playing an actual guitar, and as stupid as it might sound, it is true and absolutely valid that it does good for a person’s morale to be able to master a Santana solo in a fortnight or two. :wink:

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I have now cleared GH3 on hard, and about 80% on extreme, I consider myself a hardcore GH player…haha, I wonder how much time ive spent alltogether on GH 2" and 3.

Oh, and my biggest accomplishment, and what I am most prowd off is…

Through Fire and Flames on hard!

All the stores sold out of GH3, so I had to buy it online for $200. Good game though!

wow, $200 is expensive! For a game like GH it’s worth it though. :happy:

It’s pretty fun to play, but I thought it could be done a lot better. Like, have an iTunes-like system where you can download any song you want that has a fair amount of guitar in it, and pay like $1.00-$2.00 per song. That would make the thing the greatest video game of all time, arguably, and the one that is most re-playable of all.

I’ve wanted to try Guitar Hero! I have heard so much about it…and I wanna try those Buzz games once too ^^;;;

Ive been wanting to try this game, Ive heard alot about it. Does it teach you how to play.

The game? yeah. You can do a quick play on half the speed of the song if you want to.