Guitar Hero anyone>>>

Anybody here play any of the guitar hero games??

I don’t own the game, but I have played it enough with other people that I can do most songs on hard and a few on expert.

i dont own it either but ive played em both a few times. im decent.

Guitar Hero ugh…

I’m a Dance Dance Revolution person… It’s more of a physically challenging game… Guitar Hero requires brain power… I can press the buttons perfectly fine, but I just can’t strum well.

I remember walking into EB Games when some kid was playing the 80s Guitar Hero game and he was playing to “Cherry Pie” by Warrant and I was singing along as I walked through the store… I bet I scared a few people… 'specially since I’m a girl. <__<;

Nice, i’ve five star’d every song on expert/hyperspeed. i just want to see who else played this game because its soo fun.

I’ve actually joined a Guitar Hero club at school… just several dozen people playing guitar hero… First meeting was today and it was pretty awesome :slight_smile:

I love this game! So addictive, dunno how people play on expert though >_> … it just gets ridiculous !

i play most songs on expert

i don;t have 1 or 2 but i am soo stoked for 3

THE KILLERS! AFI! ugh the lineup is great. If they have Stairway i will just DIE!

They won’t, Jimmy page never lets any songs get covered/used, sadly

Im stoked for the beastie boys, and dragon force!!!

I love DDR, that is one of my favorite games.
I was “taught” by one of my friends from Zimbabwe who now lives in Ireland.
It was common knowledge that he was the best, so I was honored.

My brother has it on xbox 360 … it’s okay.

I would like to get into DDR b/c of the songs X D i like em

Aren’t there already a topic for this?

Anyways, my sister owns all the ones for PS2, and think I’m some kind Guitar Hero god.
But I’m sure I actually suck! :tongue:

I hope that the X-Box only GH2 songs will be included on the PS2 or PS3 version of GH3.
I really wanna play “Billion Dollar Babies” and “The Trooper” >_<

Just so you know it Cherry Pie was on GH2.

All the guys play it at college, there’s some real professionals :razz: hehe

I play a game called Synthesia. It’s like PianoHero, but for mac.
It’s more fun with a real instrument :content:

In case anybody out there doesn’t want to pay for Guitar Hero, there is a program called “Frets On Fire”. It is basically the same game except on computer.
Plus, it is free.
You have to download all of the songs off of the forum (it comes with 3), and you get all of Guitar Hero I and II’s songs.

I am pretty sure this doesn’t count as a vendor:
Frets On Fire

I already played that… it sucks bad :meh:

I don’t think it is as good as Guitar Hero, but it is free.
I like it, but I don’t play it much.

When is Guitar Hero Norweigan Folk Songs coming out?

What!? hope they never makes that ting…
Points at Singstar: Norske Hits :scared: