Guitar thread

Starting to pick up guitar again.

I like to play classical, but I still play everything.

Discuss guitar here!

Hmm. Does anybody know any good beginner things to play on the guitar? I wanna start up with the guitar playing again. Eventually I wanna be able to play some racy guitar solos. Woot.

For good beginner songs, try the beatles. I’ve got a book of music for all of their songs, some very simple ones that sound good, and some slightly harder too.

If you want something with a couple of great solos try Johnny B good by Chuck Berry.

hey mods, am i allowed to mention one product (program) that i find helpful???

chip9munk, I have looked at the guidelines which say

so you can mention it, but if you plan on adding a link check that this wouldn’t break this guideline :smile:

Also, maybe try out some ac dc songs :smile:

Highway to hell, for example, is quite easy to play :smile:

Green Day and blink-182 are very easy and fun to play!

Well, the fun part can be discussed :wink: (No offence)

yeah I don’t like Blink-182…

but Muse - guitar genius. Piano genius. Just… genius. Not very easy for beginners though.

some of radiohead is quite easy to play, like Street Spirit (fade out), and, erm, bits of Subterrean Homesick Alien.

I never got used to guitar. I can strum chords but not much else.

I used to just play the bass lines on guitar from their first album :tongue:

A wonderful happy song that I’ve just started playing is “meet me on the corner”, by Lindisfarne. Very simple, and makes you feel warm inside :smile:

I’ve been playing guitar and bass for a while now, mostly self-taught with a couple of lessons to send me on my way at the start. I recommend Jack Johnson for starters. I’m not a big fan of him anymore, but it’s what I started on.

btw: Street Spirit by Radiohead = one of the greatest songs ever.

I’ve tried for two years to learn guitar, but I just can’t do it. Maybe I’m just a piano person and I always will be. I’d just like to be able to play guitar decently before I graduate High School (which leaves me a few more years)

You see, I plan on being a music composer for video game companies and I need to know instruments. I know quite a few already and I’m in 8th grade, but I’m trying to be better and learn more.

Just keep practicing and challenging yourself with harder (but not undoable songs)

I’d love to be able to play guitar - I’ve tried a couple of times, then stopped for a while and never got back into it. I play the piano and saxophone, I can’t see why I’m not getting into it.

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comments all welcome!

I have noticed loads of guitar threads on LD4all recently… well good, GUITARS ROCK!!

and form what I’ve seen you’re decent, about the same level as me. And I like for shawna, mostly because I appreciate how darn hard it is to write something decent.

I was on and off for a bit wnvoss, but after a little bit I’m now really into it, play like 20+ hours a week… or something

but street spirit by radiohead = one of the greatest songs ever . Did you know Ed O’brien actually wrote the main riff?!

thanks a lot dude! that’s pretty much the only thing i wrote. i try writing sometimes but it just doesn’t cut it or flow like that song.