Guns as dreamsigns

I recently watched a Dutch thriller called Spoorlos. 2/3 into the movie it struck me: No-one had pulled a gun yet! I spent the rest of the movie expecting one to pop up at any time, but nope. This might have been the first thriller I’ve seen without a gun. :happy:

We very seldom see or use guns in real life, unless you’re a cop or a gun enthusiast. We see them all the time in movies and TV, so they turn up in dreams ever so often. That should make them a great dreamsign.

Just try to be on the lookout for guns. Think to yourself: “When was the last time I saw a real gun?” It’s really seldom. So when you see/use a gun, it’s a large probablity it’s a dream.

This is of course personal, a person watching no movies will obviously not have the same chances. However if you are a media-consuming person like me and looking for a dream-sign, you can probably do worse than this.

I cant remember ever seeing a gun in my dream :smile:

My first lucid dream involved a gun :content:

I was walking around outside, when some men in suits gathered by a silver coloured Sports Utility Vehicle. I watched them as they opened a briefcase, which contained a gun, then I got scared and woke myself up.

I have dreams with guns in them. A good point huggkruka. I will try using it, thanks…

This is an interesting DS, but it pretty much depends on the dreamer. I, for example, had many dreams with bizarre fights and such, but I don’t remember ever seeing guns in my dreams. Even considering I love watching movies and playing videogames, and also love guns :smile:

For me it’s rare to have weapons of any kind in my dream. Last time I had weapons in my dreams, they were swords, not guns :happy:

As Rodrigo said, it depends on the dreamer.
I handle rifles every day so dreams with them are really common for me. On the other hand, I’m a non-smoker so cigarettes are an excellent DS in my case :cool: