Guys, please hear me out, i want to PREVENT having a lucid dream

At first sight, this might seem like a troll question to the one’s who’s reading this, but it’s actually a real question: can you PREVENT yourself from becoming lucid?
I’m asking this because i heard about lucid dreaming from a friend and now I’m scared of having a lucid dream, the reason why I’m scared is because I’ve seen multiple cases of people apparently healing themselves in a lucid state, a guy improving his eyesight, or a guy who healed the pain in his arm by repeating “heal my arm” to his subconscious with the intention to heal his real arm and imaging a white light/beam with the intention of it healing his arm
And if healing yourself is possible, is damaging yourself also possible? by damaging yourself mean imagining a brain tumor/etc and intending yourself to develop it in your physical body?

Well. Let me ask a question and make a practical point. How old are you and how many lucid dreams have you had?

If you haven’t had any, you’re not going to start having sporadic lucid dreams because now you know a little more than you previously did.

Also, the notion of healing within a dream is more often intentional that not. But even when it’s accidental, there is some loving relationship involved. For example, I apparently healed my dog of a disease that supposedly had no cure.

Love flows very easily in a lucid dream. Hate and mal intent does not.