Hackey Sack/Footbag

Does anyone else here play hackey sack(I think it is also reffered to as footbag)? I have been for some years now and quite enjoy it.

yes i enjoy it here and there

Sweet. I have seen a new face around here who goes by the username hackeysackwizard. I’m waiting for him to discover this thread. :lol:

And so I have. It is definatly a really great sport because it requires so little equipment (only the hacky sack) and as little or as much time as you want. I have been playing for at least forty five each day for the past three years now. I would recommend it to everyone! :thumbs:

Can you do stalls or anything like that?

I play every now and then… But I stink. :tongue: My balance is really bad, so it’s hard to get the positioning right. =/

Hacky sack is REALLY hard to master but once you have the hang of it is great fun. And in answer to Daylight I can stall with some sucuss on certain parts (knee and head mostly).

Oh yeah, brings up good memories.

I’m no pro, but I can atleast hold the sack up for few turns, eh. :sly:

I do like the game, because it’s simple, difficult to master and also fun to play with the right group.

Its pretty fun.
Are people who are good at hacky sack generally good at keep-ups also?

You mean with a football etc.?
Certainly, you practice the balance plus it’s similar of holding other annulation thing.
I think it’s more difficult with the hacky, maybe cause I’m more used to hold up footballs, but still the hacky is lighter and so on…bah I don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m no pro! :nodnodwinkwink:

Wait, what are keep ups?

With a soccer/football.
Its like hacky sack but with a ball.

Ah. I can do that with a soccer ball, but I practice with a hack for about an hour every day, so when I use a ball, it feels big and akward. So I can do it, but not as well as I can hackey sack.

I have suck balance to begin with, so I’m lucky if I can hold one leg in the air and not fall. :razz:

That doesn’t mean I can’t go and make a fool of myself by trying now, does it? :wink:

Man, I wish I knew how to do it well. A friend of mine is obsessed with it and sometimes before school starts a huge circle of people will gather around playing hackey sack and I think it’s really cool.

Oh yeh playing with the hackeysack is pretty fun. I’m used to doing keep-ups with a proper football though my most was about 67 :tongue: , so i am ok at playing hakeysack