Had a dream about BEING lucid but couldn't GET lucid! Help?

So, I’m using the infinity software and yesterday was day 5. I had to do a WBTB.

I went to bed at 11 and woke up at around 3-30. I listened to the half hour mp3 the software came with while looking at these forums and went back to bed.

I had an extremely long, vivid dream. It was about me literally BEING lucid, but my SC didn’t know. It was only my self in the dream that knew, meaning I didn’t know myself.

I’ll say it now, the dream was awesome and an experience I’ll never forget. I basically had a dream within a dream.

Now my question: How can I make my actual self get lucid from there? Like, that extra “click”? That whole dream was basically about myself being lucid, so I don’t understand how my own self couldn’t pick this up. I really hope I don’t sound confusing.

Overall…I MYSELF wasn’t lucid.

Thanks for any help! :smile:

I’m pretty sure this is FLD, wich is VERY GOOD :razz:
If you make dreams about being lucid, without having the click, it’s a pretty good sign that you are very near your goal of having LDs :smile: I never had an LD but that’s what I heard about it. Good luck !

It was more like a LD with low lucidity level. Had the similar thing last night. I did circles around some water complex to stabilaze the dream, but the more I did them, the less concious I was (and the dream was more and more vivid). I ended up thinking it is reality, but still being concious a little bit and questioning it. But it was still awesome.

And yes, you were really close.

@panda: you don’t have to get the click if you are doing WILD or similar methods. You are concious all the time.

Thanks for the fast replies! I’m glad to know that I’m getting closer! This same thing happened a few weeks ago. So, you’re saying there’s really nothing I can do but wait till I get lucid? I don’t see how it was low lucidity if I didn’t realize I was dreaming myself though…

I have to do the same thing tonight, but I have to add in a MILD and the hand tech. I hope I get lucid this time! :smile: