Had an "Inception" Type Dream Today

So I have been attempting LDs for a few days now. I rarely ever was able to recall my dreams, and now I can remember them almost every day. Sorry if the topic is misleading, but isn’t this like an “inception?”

But today, I had this very odd, long dream (not an LD). During the dream I felt very tired, and there was some lady who helped me go to sleep and help me achieve an LD.(sounds weird, I know). Anyways, I fell asleep inside of my dream, and then went into another dream(?) where I looked at my fingers and noticed they were not regular and I was LDing. I wasn’t Lding, I just thought I was, then I think I woke back up and came back to the original dream, where I was also not LDing.

Has anyone ever experienced this? Does this mean I am getting closer to a lucid dream?

I suppose you could say it’s like the movie Inception, although a dream within a dream is technically impossible. When you “fell asleep” in the dream, the scene changed and created the illusion of going into another dream. I guess it doesn’t really matter, but I just felt like mentioning that.

If you’re dreaming about lucid dreaming then you should be really close to having one.


I had almost that exact same experience! i wasnt LDing in a dream, then fell asleep and LDed, woke back up, and was no longer lucid! I’m not sure what it means but my dream in a dream was very unclear and unvivid, not like the usual LDs. Anyone else have more to say?

You had a FLD.
That means you’re on the right track. You have LD on your mind, and it gets into your dreams. It’s part of the training process.