had first, trouble repeating...

alright, i had a kinda cool first LD about 2 weeks ago. see, my boyfriend is in the Navy and in my dream, i kept on trying to find him. i never got to him, but ended up seeing people from way back (like, in the 1930’s or something)-- a sailor and a girl-- totally making out. and i just kept thinking, i want to see jon. it was neat because although i didn’t get to see him in my dream, the similarities were pretty cool. i do recall my dream being black and white, and really choppy (like an old film).

ok, so my problem is, i can’t do it again! i’ve been trying and trying to have more LDs, but it’s just not happening. my brother’s been doing this for almost a year, and he’s the one who started me on this just a few weeks ago. and the LDs he describes are so awesome, and the ones that i read on this site are, also! but i don’t know why i’m having trouble with being able to have another LD. it’s frustrating… :neutral:

Nobody likes to be told to simply have more patience, but unfortunately, for most people lucid dreaming takes quite a while to develop. What exactly are you doing to encourage it at the moment? Do you keep a journal? Are you familiar with Reality Checks?

This forum contains thousands of useful tips, questions and problems that people have encountered along the way. Try a few different things to see what feels right for you, and before you know it you’ll be experiencing what all the fuss is about.

Let us know how you’re going. :smile:

Well my sister finally posted :wink: …Athiest has good advice for you, it is going to take a little bit of time, but you did good for your first try. You should really start a dream journal cause I know that you don’t keep one.
Your dream recall will definitely increase and you will remember more colors and conversations…i.e. more detail. Lucid dreaming is an experience that can change who you are. good luck

your bro,

Hello, ive been keeping a journal and trying different things for well over a month now, better dream recall, and more vivid dreams, but i dont beleive ive become lucid yet. anyway, ive got time, but from all of you that can go lucid almost everynight, how much easier does it get along the way? like from your first till you can do it at will? i dont know if it just vcaries from person to person, if so just ell me your personal expirience.

thanx, peace

like my brudder said, no, i don’t keep a dream journal. but how am i supposed to start one if i don’t remember any of my dreams to start out with? like, that’s the only dream i actually remember from the past 6 weeks or so. and, joshie, i have written it down! atheist-- you said something along the lines of reality checks-- i do remember trying to look at my hands, but i couldn’t see them. so, i don’t know if that counts or not. like, i remember trying to see my hands, but i couldn’t bring them up to my face to look at them… thanks y’all! i’ll keep on trying, any tips on where i’m supposed to keep a dream journal?

Here’s a sure-fire way to build your recall:

As we know, you experience REM sleep every 90 or so minutes. These ‘dreaming’ cycles increase slightly in length each time, up until about the 10 hour mark. So, try setting your alarm for some multiple of 90 minutes, for example 4.5 hours, or 6 hours. Doing this gives you a good chance of awakening directly from a dream, which is commonly believed to be the best way to remember them. Upon waking up, scribble down some notes on a peice of paper near your bed - just enough detail for you to recall the dream when reading back over your notes in the morning. You can do this several times in the same night if you like. Obviously, just return to sleep when you finish writing down anything you can remember.

Before long, you’ll develop a habbit of trying to remember what you were dreaming the very instant you wake up. As most of us have learned the hard way, dreams disappear from memory very quickly after you awaken. In fact, if they’re not the absolute first thing you think of upon waking up, then chances are you’ll lose them almost straight away. Keeping a journal like this is actually a great way to increase the chance of having a lucid dream. Primarily, you spend more time each day thinking about your dreams. This means you can identify the more frequent topics that seem to arise more often than others, which in turn allows you to identify ‘dreamsigns’ which can help you determine when you’re dreaming.

Anyway, however you choose to do it, I hope it works out for you.

thanks for the tips, Atheist. i’ll be sure to keep them in mind over the next few nights. i’ll keep y’all updated…