Had my first LD!

Last night was the first night I tryed, and I got it on the first try! For a couple days before I tryed I just let myself regular dreamed and practice reality checks. With about 2 dreams I could remember right off the bat each night for 3 days I think I had enough waiting (I can be impationt) I did WBTB and MILD, in my dream I did a reality check durring a false awakening. Instantly after realizing it was a dream I stableized it without even thinking. Then I set off to find my spirit guide. I asked the first dream character I saw about my spirit guide, and he said he couldn’t remember where he last saw her. This dream character seemed like he knew I was dreaming, but my best friend dream character didn’t believe me when I found him and told him. I ended up arguing with him for a while before giving up and moving on. When I called out for my spirit guide, she didnt show. But a Dream character that looked like Drew Peterson did show up in a van. He introduced himself as “The Maintenance Man” then I woke up.

heeeeeey Picknik10!!!

Congrats on ur first LD. Now that u have the experience of it. It should be easy to use it as a belief that u are a lucid dreamer and that it will happen again.

I have a feeling u have reasons to want to LD.
That’s the best!
Dreams are our keys to enlightenment!
You will find what you’re looking for. That’s a guarantee!
Keep it real, Happy :smile: