Had my first lucid dream, and it was long!

I haven’t been practising lucid dreaming for 2 months or so now, and when I did I never had success, but this all changed today when I unexpectedly had a very long experience.

This morning, I woke up and then realised class didn’t start for 2 hours, so went back to sleep after 10 minutes of being awake. I then found myself in a dream in my home talking to my parents. I currently live in halls (university accommodation) so the fact that I was home made me question how I was at home when I was meant to be in halls. So I asked my parents, why am I here when I have a class to go to soon? Then it hit me, I must be dreaming!
I then told everyone I’m dreaming and was now fully aware of the dream world I was in. Everything seemed like real life but I knew it was all in my head, I proved to my parents I was dreaming by materializing a cake onto the table. I then went outside and turned on the spot thinking I want to be in a forest, I was then in a forest which had sweets everywhere, the floor was covered in gummy bears!

The dream continued for a long time before I woke up and was aware the whole time. What I find strange is that I was not shocked or scared that I had just become aware I was dreaming, in turn I did not wake up during the dream. It was an amazing experience.

Was this just luck, will I be able to do it again without training?


You recognized a dream symbol, which is good. Just try to be more observant, and try some different techniques, and good job!


Congrats Orazauq!!!

:hurray: gets up and does epic lucid dreaming dance :hurray: :nuu: :spinning:

. . . I hope no one saw that . . .

Welcome 0razauq! :wave: and congratulations for your first LD! :ok:
As long as you stay focused and controlled as you were in this dream, you can be pretty sure that your other LD’s will be as long as this one, and probably longer with practice :colgate:
As for having another one, it is much much easier after the first one, now that you know what it really means; try living another LD or two in your mind, before bed, it helps you achieving the right state for LD’s :content:
Good luck to you! ^^

Congratulations on your first. As long as you continue being observant you can go along way mai son…

Thanks a lot everyone, I was shocked at how long it lasted, hope I can have another one soon, I will be on the look out for dream signs!

Hey dude!

That was a great post. Congrats on the LD. And yes many many more will come.


:welcome: Orazauq to ld4all :cool_laugh: and congratulations on your LD :clap:

Sometimes the LD comes after Quitting practicing :tongue: and then one gets confidence and it leads to more (hopefully :wink: ) nice that you had a long one as first LD :colgate: