Had my second LD randomly, got a few questions

Ok I haven’t even thought about LDs for probably close to two years now. Today however I was just trying to take a nap in the afternoon, but I kept getting SP. Id feel the SP come on and shake it off, then switch to a new sleeping position, but the SP would creep back. So then I remembered how SP has a high success rate of leading into a LD or OOBE or whatever when handled correctly. So I let myself lay on my back and started relaxing. Almost instantly, maybe in 10 seconds or so I started feeling vibrations like I’ve never felt before, and before I knew it I was dreaming. The dream basically started with me in the exact same position I was while awake in the same surroundings. I basically opened my eyes into the dream. I wasn’t a 100% sure whether or not I was dreaming so I tried to get out of bed, but it was an intense struggle. It was as if I was glued to my bed and when I finally freed my hands I wanted to look at them to do the hand RC, but for some reason they were invisible. Like I literally couldn’t see them, even though it felt as if I was putting them up to my face. I could feel them though and when I counted them I had 5 fingers. So despite the fact that my hands were invisible I still wasn’t sure I was LDing. In retrospect, its pretty obvious I was. So anyway not satisfied with the hand RC I eventually got up and tried to look at a clock in the corner of the room to do the time RC, but for some reason whenever I turned my head to look at the clock its like I would overturn and not get a chance to read what it said. Until eventually I finally got to read what it said and it looked like 8 oclock (it was a regular clock, not digital), but I didn’t get a chance to look at it again, to complete the RC. So with all this going on I’m pretty sure I figured I was LDing, so I tried to levitate, by closing my eyes, and imagining it happening. After a couple strange feelings I ended up opening my eyes again into the room and thats when I was sure I had Lded.

So I have a couple of questions.

How come the hand RC and time RC failed the way they did? Like they were alluding me or something.

Would this be classified as an LD or OOBE? I was in the same location I went to sleep in, but something did happen that wasn’t realistic. I saw the sillouhette of someone outside the window and then when I saw them it was 2 or 3 guys talking and joking around, but in reality the window is on the 2nd floor so nobody could be directly outside like that.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think I may have read something in the past about how you’re not supposed to close your eyes in a LD or you’ll wake up. Could my attempt at levitation, have caused me to awaken prematurely?

About the failed RC, I don’t know, it happens sometimes, maybe you do them wrong during the day ?
Maybe next time you could try the nose RC, it almost never fails me, and seems to be the most valuable one.

The feeling you describe about getting out of your bed by struggling is exactly what I feel when I have SP and try to turn it into an LD.

Even though everything looks the same than IRL, it is a dream set. Most of the time when this happens it takes a few seconds before I can really move and see well. Usually even if I can’t see my hands or anything I just rub them very hard until the dream set clearly appears.

That is true with me, whenever I close my eyes, it awakes me, but I guess it is a mental thing, if you don’t believe it, it won’t happen. :smile:

Well, I don’t know about the clock RC, but when you try the hands, it’s not always the fingers that change. in my first successful LD, I had invisible hands too.

I’ve closed my eyes in LDs before, but if you feel like you’re too close to waking up it might not be a good idea. I only try to do it when I’m fully lucid and everything is nice and stable, or if I start to feel like I’ll wake up if I don’t do it. Closed eyes is often a way to change something in the dream, so that’s mostly what I use it for.