Had my Second real LD tonight

I got it via WBTB and autosuggestion + the tips from Infinity
And it wassuperb
Thanks benDrummin
My second ld ,trallalalala yahoooooooooooo !!!

nice. ummm… what to say?

Don’t you want to share it with us ? :happy:
Do you have a dream diary ?

It was about a “mind and body camp” (thats how it was called i think) there you learn music karate flying
and so on.I am there with my youngest brother and we demonstrate each other our powers ,He isn’t so good in flying so i lift him, this is against the rules so i flee from the teacher into a mirror
I’m in the same room again and we are playing a beautiful song suddenly the dream world begins to fade so i ask the teacher if i can can see the notes ,she silently follows my wish but the paper is not written in a manner to be rewritten in RL.
i get angry and ask if there is a way to bring it to the waking world but she gives me a push (i think she did anyway) and I’m back to Waking live BAD subconscious :dark: :dark:
There whas more but thats not for children :smile:

so you did her? lol


Lol… That made my day.

Just say what you did, we’re all mature to handle it…hopefully.