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ok let me explain my situation, i have been trying for maybe 9 months. 5 months ago i had 2 ld’s my first was probabaly high-levl and i woke up straight away my second was very low-level and was recalled like a normal dream. Now last night i decided that’s it!@! i listened to hypnosis for about 20min(warpmymind ld one) then i picked about 15 mint leaves we have and made tea drank half couldent drink anymore, so i ate the leaves(eww disgusting taste) then i had about 3/4 of a tab of 250mg of b6.
My mission was to have an ld, i had been thinking about going pedro’s VILD method, i set my alarm to 6:30, it was 12:00. I kept thinking of that hall seen which i made, but my mind kept drifting i kept trying to force it but i again, i kept trying to reply it over and over. Anyway i dont think it worked, BUT at one point i woke up naturally probably around 5am, mint leaves always do thjis to me, so i changed my alarm till 7:30, i then went back to sleep and went unconcious! but i was now in a hall, and ALL THJE SUDDEN i became LUCID!!! wow man for so long no ld, it was fairly real, at the time i was like, man see this is like real life. But i couldent run in it as the world became unstable(very unstable) i tried increase lucidity i screamed. but then the walls became really dodgy graphics like. Anyway after mucking around i looked at some text and thought how funnny it sounds when it changes, i then ended the ld by going up to a women at the counter in a cafeteria and having sex, i woke up to an fa(btw i did orgasm, i think). now the problem is this is like my second ld, now that i woke up its like faded away, i forgot pieces of it, and it didnt seem real or like i was in it, is this just one of those newbie ld’s do they get better, or to increase vividness etc do i have to wake up from the dream? also after sex why wouldent i wake up to reality because i woke up to an fa

Thats a cool LD. I remember my first really long, vivid LD. That was something.
Anyway, your question about false awakenings. That can happen a lot of LDers, novice or expert. I don’t have an explanaition for it myself, but really, a false awakening is nothing more than a change of dream scenes, only this one is in your bed, in your room. :cool_laugh: It could’ve changed to any other scene, why it was a scene of you waking up, well, your probably the only one who could figure that out. It doesn’t matter what you were doing either, whether spinning or having sex or whatever.
And yes, your dreams will become more vivid, stable and easier to remember as you gain experience with lucid dreaming. It takes time, but eventually, if you keep at it, you’ll probably be able to remember a dream right from waking up to the end of the day without writing it down! If you practise dream recall diligently, that is. :smile:

Hi sat!

I know the feeling, i feel that sometimes too, specially after my first LDs. But the more LDs you got the more you will feel that you actually were conscious into the dream. But until then i could give you one thing to think about.

If you think of what you did yesterday or one week ago. Does that memory feel much different than the memory of your LD? The biggest difference there are that you woke up from the LD, that’s what could trick you.

I also personaly use to think that it feels more real the more you think of your LD. The moment I wake up it feels as a normal dream, but after a few days when i think of the LD it feels alot more ‘real’.

Hope it helped you in some way.


yea i remember i used to feel that exact same way, but over time the dreams will get a lot more vivid. Also it really does help to wake up during the ld and write it down because its a lot easier to remember and it will be fresh in your mind. I used to think it was stupid but now i do it sometimes.

The lds will be much better in the future so just keep going, i love em :happy:


now that is a cool ld. i know waht ya mean about the botch graphics in the dream… i so dont getthat it buggs me tho :razz:

i too understand teh memor fade from the ld. somtimes i forget an ld altohether that is why it is so important to have add and reall write them down. it takes time to get more stableat it but it will after about the 3ed 4th one in my experince.

lol gotta love that line

great work tho keep at it