Haiti prayer

Invocation for Divine Intervention

for our Brothers and Sisters on HAITI

Beloved I AM Presence of all humankind, Infinite Mighty I AM Presence from the Great Central Sun, All Great Cosmic Beings and Legions of Light, All Ascended Masters, and All Angelic Host, Lady Althea and your Legions of Angels, the Universal Energy Medical Teams, the Acturian Healers, and all the Galactic Healers.

We invoke your Divine Intervention NOW and call upon the Violet Flame to transmute all pain, suffering, fear, and other negatives into HOPE, LOVE, MIRACLES and BLESSINGS for all the people and animals of HAITI.

Manifest now! Manifest now! Manifest now!

WE ask that Violet Flame to purify ALL who crossed-over so that they may receive their Ascension.

Great Ascended Host, we thank and bless you for your immediate assistance and divine intervention on behalf of the people of HAITI in their great need.

We give thanks! We give thanks! We give thanks!

in the end only kindness matters

post your prayers and well wishes

I feel I should put a prayer here. But I don’t what which words to use so I will do the wise thing and ask the Holy spirit to speak on our behalf with the perfect words and with wisdom.