Haleogenic Hallucinations

is dat spelled right?

anyway i dont have these but i know a couple people that do. and they mostly wanna get rid of them cus they r to disturbming for them. lik sum1 i know sees this guy in her room walkin around and doin stuff and lookin at her(not a real person he disappears when she screams). and a few other people wit disturbing ones who get them regularly. Is there anythng i can tell them to do tha will make their halucinations go away?

I’m not sure what word you were trying to spell, but these hallucinations are usually called Hypnagogic Hallucinations.

They occur just as you are falling asleep, and everyone experiences them. However, usually when people see them as vividly as you described, they are suffereing from a desise called Narcolepsy. This may not be the case, but it’s uncommon for someone to experience them regularly if they don’t have this desiese.

As for making it go away, there isn’t a whole lot I can tell you. Usually you can’t even hide from them by closing your eyes…

I have them sometimes when i just wake up in the morning…
Sometimes when i relax deep just at day by starring in front of me at a fixed point…I think its fun…

It’s fun when you don’t have Narcolepsy. Then it’s apparently quite frightening, and usually consists of strange people who seem evil all around you.

For me, HH is simply a somewhat extended imagination. I can picture detailed scenes that remain constant - which you can’t do with your conscious imagination while completely awake. While there is some randomness to it, I can usually control what I see.

Hmmm yeah when u have narcolepsy then it aint fun…can imagine that yeah…
Nice Atheist that u can control your hypnogogics in some way…is fun!
you are right, u can not do that with your consciousness its not the same…true.

(Btw u c that my avatar is shopping 4 lds lol!)

greetings, Jeff

Hypnagogic Hallucinations and Hypnagogia are two different things:

Hypnagogia are the images you see just before falling asleep or waking up (the last is called Hypnopompic). Both are experienced with your eyes closed. Some people see images, others just shapes and colors. Everyone experiences these forms of hypnagogia.

Hypnagogic Hallucinations - on the contrary - are not experienced by everyone. These happen with your eyes open. People see abstract forms, objects, animals, people (and more) in their bedroom. The image is projected on the real environment. Many times people are fully consious. Most of the times these are not hallucinations but illusions. During an illusion you know that it is not real, during a hallucination you don’t.


That makes more sense now. Thanks for the description Hypnodude.

So about Hypnagogia:
Is it a mental picture that your mind creates without any effort from you? I don’t understand anything about it. In WILD you’re supposed to observe it but the only thing I observe is darkness and the occasional thoughts of my mind that wonders off. Lately, I’ve noticed my thoughts become dreams and either OBE-sensations or RD usually follow, but I don’t see how this can be Hypnagogia since I am already asleep. So basically what is Hypnagogia and when can I notice it?


This site pretty much explains everything, and very closely associates Hypnagogia with Hypnagogic Hallucinations. Essentially, both are generated by the same conditions and it really comes down to how you want to word it.

I won’t summarize the site in my own words, but I though it worth mentioning that you shouldn’t draw such a think, black line between the two. Generally (as Hypnodude said) using the word ‘Hallucinations’ implies a more realistic projection of hypnagogia which can ‘strike’ while you are still completely awake. This is usually caused by narcopepsy initializing the dreaming process of the brain far too quickly. Technically however, there is no difference between the forms of hypnagogia - it’s just levels of intensity.

Equally, these are in essense just dreams before your body is completely shut down. Everyone can experience them, just usually not to the degree of seeing things with their eyes open.

The site only talks about hypnagogic and hypnopomic hallucinations, not about hypnagogic imagery. I guess we just have some mixup in terminology here…

Hypnagogia is used as term for hypnagogic imagery, but also for hypnagogic hallucinations. Maybe I should have written hypnagogic imagery instead of hypnagogia. :wink:

And those two are not equal, though closely related:
There is one big difference, especially from a neurological and psychological viewpoint.
Eyes open means that reality is distorted, regardless of the normal (visual) input you get. With your eyes closed this is not the case. This is essential and the reason why there are two different terms.

I did not mean to draw a thick black line. I never stated that the two are different in origin. I just wanted to point out the differences. Maybe it seems somewhat to the letter, but those two terms are mixed up in some posts here and sometimes that can be somewhat confusing :wink:

Next time I’ll write Hypnagogic imagery instead of Hypnagogia.
In that case there won’t be any confusion. :grin:

Now, back to the normal discussion, and not about terminology. :smile:

So HI is only noticable when your body is completely shut down or really near that stage. That would mean to use WILD by paying delicate attention to HI you would have to actually wait until you are actually that far in Stage 1 of sleep. So basically next time I attempt WILD I should consciously wait an average of 30 minutes (I have a hard time falling asleep) in complete silence until my body starts to fall asleep on its own and begin HI. Am I correct?

No. I experience HI long before I my body ‘shuts down’ and long before I get to sleep. Sometimes within a minute or so after closing my eyes.

BTW - HI is not required for a succesful WILD. Some people on the forum experience almost no HI. Concentrating on the HI can also kill the WILD. The images are hypnotic in a way and they can make you lose consiousness. Just let them float by and don’t pay too much attention to it during WILD.

Good luck! :smile: