Half - complete dreams

Often I am dreaming, lucid enough to go in and out several times

and its an ND that is exploring some sort of mind-issues

and the dream is NOT over but still i wake up with vital paths of exploration still needed and can no longer WILD no matter how much I try

these half - complete dreams, do you have them ?

we ought to be able to go back and start them up the next day, shouldn’t we ?

why are they this way, is there only so much information that we are ready to handle ?

for instance lets say I am on a journey with my family, I’m the only lucid one, and I’m guiding them towards a specific place, if the dream wont’ let me go any further, does it mean that I have literally taken my family somewhere (yes) and as of this point in space-time , the journey cannot go any-deeper ?

know what I mean ?

like its all stacking up with things that are happening RIGHT NOW so if you are real lucid sometimes the dream will just have to end, not that it’s over, there’s a ton more to it, but that it goes way too far into the future.

That’s an incredibly deep line of thought. I have these “half-complete” dreams at times, and they frustrate the living daylights out of me. I’ve often pondered what exactly they mean… in the end though, it proves to be too much of a headache, and I continue about my day. After all, if they have meaning, it will eventually be revealed to me, whether I see it or not.

yes yes

however I would rather spend m y waking life sleeping and being in these dreams
so its like doubleplus frustration in many ways.

i was meditating and noticed every “day-dream” is the same as a dream, except we don’t normally see hear or touch, but we can . like the whole “imagining talking to my friend and having a conversation with him” thing

so this is where dreams come from but there is still so much more to figure out!

what is most curious is i know without doubt from verification that some times these dreams are totally congruent and precognitive with waking reality
and some-times they aren’t.

I don’t believe dreams have any set ends. I believe it is something we impose on the dream. The dream has no intention to continue or lead anywhere, it is where your mind wants to go, but unfortunately the dreamstate is not always stable, and dreams end before the mind has finished exploring. This is basically how all my dreams are. Totally without purpose or goal, and rarely if ever does the “story” seem to end, if there is one. I believe this is the nature of dreams, to be like real life, and all the meaning is in what you want, there is no goal other than what you want. The “story” could end abruptly at any time. You can die at any moment.

I agree with krakatoa on this one. While analyzing your dreams might provide some insight, that is only because you recall experiences from your waking life, that you might have normally overlooked, while dreaming. That said, I do not believe dreams have any message or story that needs to be conveyed;therefore, they do not need an end. I never have dreams where the story logically ends, unless it is followed directly after by another “incomplete” dream.

everything inter-is

you cannot separate any-thing from any-other thing however the degree to which relevance is shared can be extremely small

a chair may not have much in common with a cell-phone

but the reason to consider that dreams always have implicate meaning is that dreams are the by-products of the waking reality (vice versa too)

so if you dream that you notice that something in your house is going hay-wire, then something IS,
and herein we delve into symbol literacy,
what is a house? what does a house mean to you ? is it your house ? is it your mind ?

if you dream that you cannot understand someone you know, and they keep talking to you, but you don’t get what they are saying, then that itself means something about your relationship ,

this cannot be any other way, the symbol is connected to what it symbolizes, and the information given is in relation to the subject - matter at hand

every-one intent on understanding dreams will at some point come to the realization that dreams are always related to the events of our life and can be pre-cognitive either directly or in the abstract.