Halfway to a DILD?

PLENTY of times when I am dreaming, I realize I’m dreaming. Not because of a reality check, or because something seems out of the ordinary- I can just feel the difference. I would even make comments to myself during the dream like “Oh, good thing this is a dream!”

This may seem like a really cool gift, but here’s the catch- I have no desire to become lucid. I have tried MILD and WILD to no avail. Somehow, it doesn’t pop into my mind that I should try to be lucid. :confused:

Anyone ever experience this or have any tips?

if you have no desire to become lucid, is it because you are enjoying the dream plot? or there is nothing that you want to do/change?

if it’s the first, you can be lucid and aware, but just enjoy the dream without changing it in any way.

if it’s the ‘lack of inclination’ then making a list of goals that you would like to do when lucid should help a lot.

have fun :smile:

I feel the difference too- it’s how I get most of my LDs.
moogle is right on both counts.
Something else I do though, when I have low motivation, I read what people do in lucid dreams in the Lucid Adventures section. It makes me want to LD all over again. :tongue: