Halloween Costumes!

Kelly loves Halloween! I’m 13 and I’m still going to dress up for Halloween. Come on now people, ITS FREE CANDY!!! Any one who isn’t going trick-or-treating is a mental paient!!! I’m going to be a mid-evil maiden with dreamer_chic (the costumes are identical, just different colors). I’M VERY EXCITED!!!

I heard of a funny costume over the radio just yesterday. The man was saying to wrap yourself in duct tape with the sticky part out and roll around in fresh cut grass.

And you’ll be an instant Chia Pet. lol!!!

I was thinking about starting this topic in a few days when it grew closer to Halloween. :content:

Ilum- Rofl! That’s my costume next year. :grin:

Anybody who plays WolfGame will have seen mine already. If you aren’t a player, then I’ll give you 3 guesses. :wink:

i20.photobucket.com/albums/b228/ … oWolf2.gif

i wish we had halloween here :sad:

Wolb: are you going to wear your LD4all t-shirt too? :grin:

Make your own Halloween Q!!!

hehe lol yes, i’ll go around my neighbours houses demanding candy? :rofl:

I mean i would have loved it as a kid. Ah well.

It’s getting a bit popular here, but more with the decorations and such. there is no trick or treating here.

we have something else “st. maarten”, then children go around with lanterns and singing, and getting candy. That’s only in northern part of the country and I missed that too. Why do i always miss out on the free candy things :rofl:

Halloween’s so confusing. Only in the last two or three years have kids started going around trick or treating where I live, and we always have to turn them away because nobody in my family knows when Halloween actually is (and we don’t eat much junk food in our house)! It’s not advertised here at all on the news…

pasQuale, we also have ‘drie koningen’ (three kings?) on 6 January (I believe it was on 6 January, not sure about that) We dressed like kings or queens or something like that and then we went around houses asking for candy and/or money. The money we got was for a good aim and the candy we could keep ourselves :content:

:eek: :’( another one i missed!

hmm to stay on topic… if i was a kid i think i’d probably dress up like a fairy or an angel or something.

it only took off over here, because of all the american TV programmes.
years ago it’s used to be just a night for private parties… but now we have trick or treating (which is a pain)

bah hum bug :tongue:

Halloween is pretty confused where I live too.
Most people don’t even know the exact date, and some confuse it with another holliday called “all saints’ day” which is sometime between the last week of october or the first week of november, so kids come by my house asking for candy every day for like 2 weeks. Most of them don’t even wear costumes.

Same here, some kids in Poland try to trick or treat, (too much TV :razz:), but its still not to popular here. But i think American movies will make they job :wink: (no offense please :smile: ). We have “All saints day” too. Its a day free of job’s and school (thank god), and usualy most people go o the cementary, “visit” theyre family. I think its a great day.

to many crack houses, whore houses, gang houses, and far to many meth labs for anybody to send their kids out trick or treating anymore… or at least thats what everyone thinks of their neighbors… year before last i bought a big bowl of candy to hand out, had the vampire teeth, and a nicely carved jack-o-lantern mischieveous illuminating my front porch…
nobody came! not a single soul, so i’m not doing such things any longer.
a few local churches will have a trunk or treat were all the young kids dress up and go from car to car in a church parking lot, everyone dresses up… decorates there car trunks.
there is also a very large number of hispanic imigrants (rate of growth is arround 134%) in my area, so the “day of the dead” as i believe it is called is gaining popularity.

personally, i’ll pop in a set of vampire fangs and goto work, just like any other day. (going to work that is, not the fangs! ;o)


In my country are ahalloween something made by the shops for selling more (costumes , candy…) and from america(feel guilty …, arrggh).
But in norway we have julebukk , a thing were kids sing cristmas catrols round the houses and gets candy in the cristmas time , no special date

In Swedish, easter is traditionally the time when kids go around collecting candy.
On this milder version of halloween, instead of dressing up as anything and go trick or treating, you dress like some kind of witch called “påskkärring” (litterally easter-bitch), draw crappy “Happy Easter” cards and go to peoples’ houses and trade them for candy.
With the confusion of halloween in recent years, some kids have started doing this in october/november too.

Easter-bitch :colgate: :gni: :grin: lololololol
Sounds so terrible in english !

Not bad translated , but it just does

Here we don’t give any cards, we just go around collecting candy :grin:

I think the card thing isn’t that common anymore, nowdays the kids just go around collecting candy here aswell, but when I was growing up the easter cards were still part of the tradition.

This seems to be going a bit off topic… now let’s talk halloween! :grin:

My sister is going to dress up like Niel Gaiman’s Delirium.
Maybe I should go as the sandman :tongue:

I think im gonna go as a ninja turtle or a power ranger. yes im sixteen but the kids these days have no idea the greatness of what these people meant. so yeah i am still thinking also
maybe dante if i had a trenchcoat

i have one thing to say…HALLOWEEN RULES
:cool_laugh: :cool_laugh: :cool_laugh: :cool_laugh: