hallucinating while trying to "WILD"

So before i got deeply into lucid dreaming i tried to WILD.I just knew that you had to fall asleep while keeping an occupied mind to a degree. I tried it a few times and wasnt getting any results so i had an amazing idea. Put in really comfy head phones turn them way down to the point where i can still understand the music but i wasnt fully focusing on it. I tried to WILD Obvs during this and had a profound experiance. I felt my body enter sleep paralysis and had plenty of hullucinizarions during this which i was expecting. BUT the strange part of this was when i opened my eyes. I had complete control over my body but couldnt feel anything so i thought… I DID IT! Im dreaming. I could still hear the music playing so i removed the head phones and the music stopped… that made me relise i was still in real life… but i wasnt normal. Everything was numb and looking around left trails behind everthing. I walked around my house everything was vibrant and glowing like nothing ive seen before. At this point i had the idea that i messed up my head… and i ran over and hugged my dog and started hyper ventalating… this went on for 15 min and when it was done i was no longer seeing the things i did before. You would think this discourged me but it just got me more curious then before about the profound nature of the mind.

I once woke up to hear my phone ringing. I picked the phone up and answered. A friend reminded me about a contest that was next month and asked if I was taking part. Then I stopped hallucinating and looked at my hand. I wasn’t holding my phone, it was charging on the other side of the room.

So that’s one experience I’ve had that is similar to yours.

Yeah, many experiences like this. Awakening…or kind of a weird, partial FA…in which I open my eyes and there’s other beings there in the room with me (most recently, a large rectangular humanoid thing which lurched towards me while I was sitting on the edge of the bed) and then, with my eyes still open, the dream imagery disappears and I fully awaken and get up and go about my business. It’s almost like I’m initially not fully awake and thus still dreaming with my eyes wide open for a few moments.

I’ve had other experiences, in reverse, in which I perform gazing meditation (mediation with my eyes open) and I’ll see portions or, rarely, full blown dream scenes emerge with my eyes wide open. One of these experiences kind of freaked me out :happy:

Yeah. I would also say that I wasn’t fully awake, even though I got out of my bed irl to answer a phone that was not there.

And about dreaming with eyes open, I often do that. Friends have taken pictures of me sleeping with my eyes open. I’ve had a lucid dream and seen my room, because my eyes were open and the room wasn’t completely dark. That real information my eyes were receiving hindered me in the lucid dream. When I forced the scene to change, I was dragged back to my room. I could not escape it. So I need total darkness to lucid dream. I sleep with an eye mask or a pillow over my eyes.

Wow! That’s a pretty unique state of relaxation to be able to sleep with your eyes open. Having gotten a few very brief tastes of it, I know it’s possible.

I remember one session where I was gazing at a wall, fell asleep and went into a dream with my eyes open (took me a long time to “get there”). I saw this native American dressed in ceremonial headdress and feathered clothing who was trying to guide me into this hole in the ground with yellow light pouring out of it. My dreaming perspective flew up and then was about to enter through the dream portal, but the discontinuity of sitting there in a chair with my eyes open while dreaming at the same time wouldn’t “let go” or whatever. I was pulled back like a rubber band into the chair I was sitting in and I woke up, still with my eyes open, and the dream vanished leaving the wall I was staring at.

I agree, sleeping in darkness makes it easier to go into WILD’s and completely go into another world, so to speak. Often, I’ll start in the same room I’m sleeping in and then, when I walk away lucid, the dream changes and becomes progressively different/strange the further I get away from where I’m sleeping

I’m interested to see if mucking around with virtual reality helps rekindle some of this latent ability. It’s been awhile since I’ve deliberately gone after it.

Any excuse to break down and buy a VR rig :happy: :wink: My built from scratch gaming PC can’t swing it, but I’m hoping Sony is able to put forth something with good performance for PlayStation soon