Lets talk Halo

I love Halo sadly i’m not very good but i was just wondering if there were any more halo freaks out there besides me who wanted to talk halo and maybe wanted to set up a game sometime on xbc.


I like halo. Actualy, i love halo and am desperate to get my hands on halo2. I almost jumped out of my chair when i looked to the horizon of halo (the ring planet). I managed to finish (easy mode :tongue: ), and im now playing online in my computer. Realy a very awsome game.

You have XBC now DeMoN?

no but you do, and its a long summer so i’m going to be playing xbc alot.

for those of you who don’t know, xbc stands for xbox connect, it’s basically a really long ethernet cord so that you can play halo online without xbox live, and it’s free.

download it at xbconnect.com

Hey Awasome! How do i conect to xbc? Trough a simple ethernet cable?
If so, count me in some Multiplayer frenzy!

yeah did you go to xbconnect.com hey should have instructions there like probably after you download it, i don’t have it myself because i have dial up :grrr: but most of my friends do like freecube, you could probably set up a game with him. anyway yeah i think you just plug it into an ethernet modem/port on your computer and into the back of you xbox and you should be able to play.

is this right freecube?

Already downloaded the file. But i have a question. From what i see i have to conect both computer and xbox to the modem rigth? If so, i will be in problem, couse my computer has only one ethernet port on it. Should i buy one of those “double ports” i see in stores? I never heard of this system, but its actualy quite cool.

yeah you will probably have to buy one of those double thingies.

sorry but its definately worth it.

people to look for for playing: Freecube Garthanx Sevan Evanilla DeMoN (of course) Ryaneverk the list goes on but these are some of my friends.

Thanx for the info! Yeah, i think i will buy one of those.

Cool well have fun playing halo.

And i’l have fun smashing your bodies into little pieces with my warthog! BTW as anybody saw the E3 video about Halo2? It’s amazingly cool.

lol, Ampout, I’d pwn you =D. My XBC tag is BW_[-FrEE-]

I’ll keep you posted if it changes, but once you get XBC, We can play.

yeah its super cool it came on my special edition halo game that cam with my limited edition green halo xbox for 169.99…

its beautiful!!!

I bet the multiplayer mode is going to beat Halo’s mutiplayer to the ground!

Not even Killzone can beat Halo’s supremacy.

actually i think halo 2 is going to be a totally different game, i mean there isn’t even a pistol.

but what do i no iv’e never played it so yeah i guess we’ll see!

yea i also have the special edition green xbox. my and my bro play it all the time, but never multiplayer. we only play co-op but we play on Legendary diffulty setting. its hard as hell and mad fun. but me and my bro mess around too much while playing, you know pistol-whipping each other when the other is looking and running each other over in the warthog, and peggin each other with a plasma grenade, and whatnot. and yea we cant wait til halo2.
Cortana:Betcha can’t stick it.
MasterChief:You’re on!

ah i love that quote!

its weird i used to like campain and hate multiplayer, but then i started to play alot and fell in love with it, its probably been six months since i’ve played campain…

however i don’t have anybody to play with at home so i don’t get to much practice, except when i’m at a friends house.

Okay, Ive gobbled up all the information I can from videos and magazines about Doom 3, Half-Life 2 (rox0r), and Halo 2.

There might be some spoilers in here concerning the upcoming game, so read AT YOUR OWN RISK!


You know, Halo was originally slated to be a third-person shooter (check out the Halo Evolution movie at gametrailers.com).

I heard in an interview a while back where the interviewees saw Master Chief dual-wielding pistols, and the pistol was one of the best weapons in the game (I prefer it to the assault rifle and all the covenant weapons), so I doubt they’ll cut it out. But hey, the game isn’t released yet, is it? Who knows?

As for weapons, there is DEFINITELY the battle-rifle (assault rifle that is more powerful, has a scope, and has a slower rate of fire), an SMG/uzi type thing, a Covenant sniper rifle, the Covenant sword (sweetness!), and I think most of the original weapons are going to be back as well (and from what I’ve heard, the needler has more firepower this time around).

Master Chief’s armor, Mjiolner Mark VI (I think), may have a new feature this time around.

Grunts (those lousy midget aliens) now have the ability to pilot vehicles (at least the ghosts).

You can hijack vehicles (and the aliens might have this ability too).

Two new monster types: the Brute (a gorilla-type Covenant shock-trooper) and Prophets (leader people).

MAJOR SPOILER (AVERT YOUR EYES): There are Forerunner structures on earth.

Bots for multiplayer are unconfirmed (but since Halo 2 is going to be XBox-Live-enabled, does it matter?).

Hey, have any of you ever heard of the Cortana Rampancy Theory? It has a lot to do with Bungie’s old game Marathon, and from the way the idea is presented, It seems feasible (and Halo 2 is supposed to have some extreme plot twists). And when you read it, have The Cortana Letters (SERIOUSLY WEIRD STUFF) open in a seperate window for reference.

I’m more into Counter Strike. That is mainly because the cyberbar I go to doesn’t have Halo, just Counter Strike. We are trying to get them to get Halo though. Hopfully that will be soon.