Happy 12 year anniversary LD4all!

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:yay: Happy 12 year anniversary LD4all! :yay:

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LD4all landmarks of 10 year anniversary

Happy anniversary everybody! 25 may is the official anniversary date :content:

When I first started out with this site I would never have dreamed that it would grow out to be such an incredible community! Thank you all you lovely members and moderators! And thank you all sponsors and supporters!


Happy Birthda LD4all !!! This is one of the most awesome communitys to be found inon the web.

I have met so many people and learned things that i wouldnt have met and that i woulnt have learined
Thank you Qu for doing this Board for so long !!

Happy Birthday LD4all!
The best forum ever. You must be proud of yourself Q! I would be for sure!


12 tomorrow…

It’s a friend of mine’s birthday today, actually.

Anyway, happy birthday. Just think, i’ve been here for a third of LD4all’s life!

speaking of a third … Qu is doing LD4all a third of HER life now :eek:

Happy Birthday LD4ALL. ;D

[center]HAPPY BIRTHDAY LD4ALL!!! [/center]

wow … the years just rush by :eek:

soon LD4all will be coming of age and be 18 :smile:

congrats Q for guiding the forum into being a real friendly community and managing to keep it that way over the years :thumbs:

Just about… Yeah.

So, during the anniversary, I think we should also celebrate the time and effort Q has put into LD4all, as well as the other mods!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LD4ALL!! Q (and Qu of course) the forum is simply amazing, best community ever - keep it up :content:

hugs Q and mods

Happy Birthday LD4all, truly one of the best communities on the Internet!
:slide: :cheer: :mrgreen_hat: :cheer: :slide:

Happy anniversary to LD4ALL! Congrats. :smile:

It seems like it was only yesterday when the 10 year anniversairy was.
But time flies when you have fun.
Most people come to LD4all to practice their LDing but many spends more time on LD4all enjoying the community than practising their LD skills.
In other word, it’s a great place.
Happy Anniversairy LD4all.


I don’t think i need to say much more…

Why was ld4all created on mothers day?

LD4all wasn’t created on mother’s day, for the first mother’s day is always on a sunday(here in sweden), plus mother’s day aren’t on the same day in different countries, and I doubt it was a sunday, 12 years ago :wink:

/me cheers for LD4all :partying_face: :mrgreen_hat:
Thanks for starting and staying with LD4all for all these years Qu. :smile:

Congrats LD4all :content:

Happy belated anniversary LD4all, I’ll treat you with my second post in a long while :smile:

I didn’t hear of this in #ld4all BECAUSE?

/me glares at Regal and Qu

Happy birthday ld4all, and hello to everyone around here. I’ve been rather silent of late and this anniversary reminds me how much time I spent on the forum. Summer will be here soon… :cool:

Happy anniversary!!!

:cool: :hugs: :ld4all: