Happy 16th 17th 18th 19th... Anniversary LD4all!

Today marks LD4all’s 16th anniversary.

16 years of spreading the art & knowledge of lucid dreaming online.

Thank you all who make this possible - and I hope you all keep enjoying LD4all :smile:

:partying_face: Happy Birthday LD4ALL!

I’m glad to be here to celebrate another birthday with you!

/me passes around ice cream LD4all cookie cake

Happy 16th anniversary LD4all :mrgreen_hat:

Parteh :twirl: this site is 4 years younger than me :open_mouth:

Happy Birthday :hurray: :hurray: :hurray: :hurray: :hurray: :hurray:

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :woo: Congrats LD4all and Q and everyone!

happy birthday ld4all! :hugs:

D: I missed it!!

Happy Belated Birth-of-LD4all Dayy!

i missed it aswell :sad: !
Funny that im only a year and a bit older than the website

Happy belated birthday LD4all and thanks for everything so far! :razz:

wow this site is really old

Happy Belated Anniversary!

This site has helped me tremendously… never became lucid as often b4 this site granted me its wisdom. thank you ld4all.

Happy Birthday!!! :partying_face:

This website is really cool. Now I get to understand other people’s lucid dream experiences!

happy anneversary!!! :grin: :tongue: :smile: :woo:

Is there a BIG Happy Anniversary for LD4all?
LD4all is 18 years old now (plus one week).

Some posted in the Gathering Birthday topic.

[size=150][b] Better ever than never!

       Happy (belated) 19th birthday for ld4all[/b][/size]

Happy 21st Anniversary, LD4all!