Hard time becoming lucid :(

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I’m having a hard time becoming lucid in my dreams. :grrr: It kind of came naturally before; I was dreaming, then I thought “I’m dreaming!” But totally forgot do do some RC’s, and woke up or lost lucidity. Like one dream’ I had dentures, I looked in the mirrior, they looked weird. I was like "This is definately a dream! My Mom in my dream was like “you’re not dreaming!” I kept insisting that I was. I then woke up a few moments later. Anyways. I’m getting very annoyed because I can’t seem to become lucid at all. I don’t notice dream signs, I forget RC’s when I am semi-lucid, and i’m just so dang impatient! I would love to find a way to gain lucidity while I’m first going to bed, not when I naturally wake up quickly. I’m kind of afraid of SP. I need some tips on gaining lucidity ion my first try, and simple ways. I get very imaptient, so I always give up! It’s hard for me to imagine a scene in my mind! I always seem oblivious in my dreams. I’d appreciate it if you guys could give simple tips on how to become lucid quickly and easily?

I’m bad at visualizing. Sort of.
I get impatient, and give up or lose my focus.
I get kind of scared.
I’m pretty oblivious in dreams.
I’d like a technique that I can use while I’m first nodding off.
I’m very confused as to when to do certain things; visualize, repeat something in my head, RC, whether I should open my eyes or not.

Those are just some things to help you advanced lucid dreamers give me tips. xP. Sorry if it’s long and doesn’t make sense. I’m wicked tired at the moment. :help:

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Missed Dreamsigns are frustrating, yes. If you don’t care for Sleep Paralysis and you can’t visualize well, WILD and VILD are out of the question. I suggest that you try WBTB in conjunction with MILD. Keep doing your reality checks, those will help your DILD frequency.

Before you go to sleep, repeat the mantra that you will realize that you’re dreaming. Then, set your alarm clock for three hours ahead. When you wake up in the middle of the night, get out of bed and walk around for a few minutes while repeating your mantra. While it is fresh in your mind, go back to sleep.

If I think of anything else that might help, I’ll PM you.

Thank you so much! I believe I came close to becoming lucid lastnight;although I’m not too sure. I just remember I thought to myself " I’m dreaming! Durrr!" But I can’t remember if it was during a dream, or when I woke up briefly. Rhanks for replying. :spinning:

No problem. I always try to help out the new Lucid Dreamers around here. Good luck with your LDs. :content:

I’m definatel getting somewhere. I think I’m getting better at WILD’ing. I seem to have some luck with LD’ing. xD

Once you get good at WILD, you won’t need any other methods. Good luck!

So is WILD like the ultimate way of becoming lucid?

If you use MILD then it is good to make clear plans what you want to do in LD-s. Its increase the possibility to notice dream signs and to attain lucidity after that.

It’s just the most reliable method. Once you perfect it, you don’t need to to Reality Checks, affirmations, or anything of the sort.

Yes, WILD could be considered “The ultimate way of becoming lucid”, since you can induce LD’s at will.

the most important thing in my opinion is simply believing and understanding your ability to lucid dream.
any thoughts such of kind as:
why arent i succeeding, why cant i lucid dream, ohh man im never going to do it
or in general, any negative thoughts associated with lucid dreaming will literally tackle you on your way to succeeding
lucid dreaming is very natural
and once you will realize your potential to lucid dream and the fact that it really is
simply a decision to make
u will be able to lucid dream every night
without mild, wild, fild or any other technique
try feeling as if you already obtained this ability and that will eventually have to lead to that reality
in case of course you really will believe in yourself