Hard time to go back to bed after a night wake up

Hello people,

Since this week, i usually wake up naturally at 3:00 and get my dream recall (i got my first dream recall 2 day’s before) but when it’s time to go back to bed after drink a little, i can’t reach to sleep. Today i used tip’s like don’t look too often clock drink chamomile but i still got awake during a few hour’s between 3:00 and 7:00.
For information i heard about LD since 2 week and i do what it needed for get it (maybe i tryed too often to get WILD at begin of the night but now i stoped it)

Thank for answer

Hi there !
Fortunately i have not such a problem but my wife sometimes does.
I suggested her to try visualization of some place she finds peaceful/relaxing, she tried and reported some success, quietly falling asleep.
Look for my topic HVILD try and let me know. Of course the best you can aim for is starting a LD directly (it’s a WILD variation after all).

Ty. By the way, i got dietary supplement with some California poppy,
passionflower, mélatonime and b6 vitamin. That goma help me make a full night sleep( has i heard in some document on the web).

The first time i tried wild at sleeping i almost got it, i feel that my body was
motionless but i fail it maybe cause i was scared(hard to breath and hight beating heart when motionless begin).

Aniway i hope this night i get a good sleep and maybe my first LD. Oddly, in not so tired after all even if i did’t sleep all night.

I trieddietary sipplement, look like improve the time to take for sleeping but i still can’t sleep after i wake up at 3:00. I don’t know if i got this because of LD wish ( i am really hury to get one, when i heard about LD i got insomnia all night but bythe way my bedroom was a little too hot) or maybe cause of anxious or if it’s normal. Actually allow me to remeber dream but i did’t got dream recall this night.

Hope that gomma be resolved cause my little brother will come back to holiday and will not apreciate i wake up at midle of the night.