Hard to explain sensations

The past night, (keeping in mind this may have been in an FA), I was in bed, half asleep, and I can remember being in some sort of dream, and then it suddenlt felt as though I had been pulled to my body super fast, and as soon as that feeling finished, my arm shot out, as if to grab something. This was very peculiar, and I can’t remember if I fell back asleep or not after this.

Can anybody tell me what this was? Just so I don’t wonder, lol. :content:

It sounds like a form of “myoclonic jerk”

from: faqs.org/faqs/dreams-faq/par … ion-5.html

The body can act very strange when you are going into and out of the sleep state, and your brain can have odd reactions to the sensations that come with sleep, and the paralysis that sleep brings.

… that’s my guess.
or it could have been a FA just like you said :wink:

My girlfriend gets those jerk things all the time when she is falling asleep. I get them occaisionally too. Sometimes they are annoying coz they wake me up when I’m just nodding off.

Hey… you know, sometimes I actually have gotten the feeling that I’m falling and suddenly made a sudden jerk. It’s strange…

Ah the infamous myoclonic jerk has resurfaced again :wink:
Yeah it can be quite annoying sometimes. However, there’s a technique which uses meditation to become aware of the jerk. It explains that the jerk happens at the exact boundary of waking and sleeping. You can visualize it as a bottomless gap at the boundary. If you learn to keep falling in that gap without suddenly jumping back to waking life, you’re not asleep nor awake. Intriguing stuff :smile:

I get this all the time when i try WILD… DreamAddict do u know if u actualy are sleeping before this is hapend?

Zardos, I have not experienced this recently. When I have it was while I was trying to go to sleep.
I assume it happens much like Mystic explained, and it’s a boundary or transisition into sleep.