hard to get out of LD

Before I new what an LD was, I has nightmares where I realised I was dreaming and managed to exit the dream by shaking my head vigorously. Can’t think why that worked, but it always did. Now I’m actively trying to get LDs, I just seem to FA all the time…

If I had that problem, I would just get stuck in it for 5 days or something then wake up. You should use that to your advantage. You will eventually wake up, hopefully.

I had this problem once which i stayed in LDs for too long(Normally i get short LDs or i just paralysis INSIDE MY LDS!).So,i just kept getting the feeling which i “I can’t get back into the real world!” but i just closed my eyes for awhile and i woke up right onto my bed…

Hmm… That’s the opposite to me. When I have abnormally long lucid dreams (one of mine went for what felt like an hour {which is a very, very long period to be lucid}) I wonder how long I’ll stay before I wake up, wanting them to be longer instead of being scared of being trapped.

When you’re feeling scared that you will never wake up, take your mind off it. Grab a broom and fly around (or ditch the broom and do a Neo[The Matrix]). Summon someone/thing. Practice your powers. Take your mind off the fear, and instead use the longevity of the dream to your advantage

Yeah, to tell you the truth, I’d be delighted if I had really long LD’s! The main problem I have is that I wake up too soon. I would love it if one night I discovered that my LD wasn’t about to end anytime soon.

The second LD I had, (I’ve only had two, and they were both in the same instance kind of =P) I was sleeping beside my boyfriend. In my dream, as soon as it started, I heard him whispering to me in an eerie, ghostlike voice, and what he was saying made me feel like he needed my help. I got very worried about him, because I thought he was actually talking to me and I could hear him in my sleep, so I tried to wake up. Maybe it’s because I’ve only had two, very fragile LDs, but it was quite easy for me to wake up. I was still in bed in my LD, and all I did was jerk my whole body very hard. Like I just forcibly tugged myself out of my dream. It probably was made easier by the fear that something may be wrong in the real world, but you could try it if you’re having an unpleasant time in your dream =3

Oh, by the way, there was nothing wrong. I asked him later and he said he hadn’t said anything, and he wasn’t in trouble. Thank goodness =D
Makes me wonder, though, could we have been sharing a dream, or at least communicating between dreams? He was asleep, too, and I THINK he said something along the lines of “Ciara, I need you…” But I’m not sure… It’s unlikely that he would even remember the dream, anyways.

Your lucky, I know you dont think so. Try getting over the fear of never waking up. Youve got it, now you just have to get over this hill, and you would be mastering lucid dreaming. Imagine the things you could get done. There really no reason to be afraid.

If you want to wake up, do something that “Corrupts” the dream. Stand still for a while, doing nothing. Walk through a really Long wall, or go throught the ground, so it turns all black. Go to the edge of the dream world. Jump off of a building and hit cement. Why the heck would you want to get out of an LD anyways? You can do anything you imagine.

Actually i have the problem that whenever I focus on my eyes whatsoever in a LD i wake up struggling to stay in the LD, its terrible