hard to get out of LD

sorry in advance if this topic has been mention before.

sometimes when i am in LD,i have this situation that i can’t get out of LD.i drive my intension so hard trying to wake up.but it seems telling me that it might be impossible.i got this horrible feeling like as if i could stay in dream forever.

it fails many times until i make it. :panic: ooohh…it’s the only not fun part of LD so far.


Your not supposed to be getting out of ld’s :tongue:

hahaha :boogie: maybe one day… :crazy:

it happened to me on my most recent one, i tried waking up 3 time before it actually happened. Just remain calm and know that if you really want to wake up, youll be able to.


If I close my eyes long enough I can feel how I leave the LD…it’s like something pushes you away from your dream.
If you don’t close your eyes long enough, you can have a FA, so beware :smile:

one time I really wanted to wake up
“go home” i called it

so i kept having FAs, until I wasn’t sure where I was, or who I was anymore, there was only white light, at least 7 FAs in a row “No this isn’t right, this isn’t my home!” FA! “No this isn’t my home either!” FA!

and it was quite interesting.

you can’t make yourself wake up necessarily, what you want to do is explore the lucid dream with the inherent knowledge that you WILL wake up when it is time to, unless you are going to move on into a new reality, which, hasn’t happened for any of us yet lol.

there was one time I thought that, I was having a sort of a NDE, OBE, something really intense, and I remarked to myself “I may not be going back.”

but I came back.

this is a great idea!close eyes!thanks!i will bear in mind and try next time.hopefully… :ohno:

yes.it’s real confusing.don’t know anything!just like being in a whole black out.

and in extreme cases,it’s true HORRIBLE.at that time,i know it’s not normal FA.because i feel something is there doing something to me…:dark: don’t know where this nagitive energy coming from.

Ironic, I have alot of trouble trying to stay in my LD.

(This happened before I knew what an LD was) But when I was in a Nightmare, and find out I was in a Nightmare, I would get out of it by closing my eyes, without moving my head, looked up (with my eyes still closed)and then open them. Then I kind of rose out of the dream and woke up. If you still have problems getting out of an LD, you could try this.

once i think of trying to stay when i’m in LD,it’s more like to be drifting away.so i just relax and let it takes me to wherever. :content:

…Why in the world would you want to wake up?!

thank you!actually i never try to close my eyes.i will try and see what’s happen anyway.excited! :twirl:

You can’t leave your LDs?

I wish I had that problem. Mine never last. :neutral:

I’ve once tryed to wake up from a dream, and I coudln’t. Was rather frightning.

If you really can’t think of anything you’d like to do in your lucid, perhaps while conscious you could make a list to ‘fill in the time’ later, then I reccomend thinking of it as trying to get to sleep . Just do what you would do to lose consciousness of lucidity- get caught up in the story, get real logical/mathmatical/linguistic/left brain or try to open your real eyes or try yelling so loudly it would break the dream planet you’re on ( I tried this once and I woke up with a barely audible real world ‘peep’ from my mouth.

In most nightmares I’m lucid, since it’s kind of hard to be scared when I’m not aware. The thing is when i’m scared is i lose all self-confidence and so i can’t use many dream powers.

So i simply close my eyes for about three seconds. When i open them, i’m out.

I’ve tried getting out of a lucid dream and it worked. All I did was sleep on a bed inside the dream and tell myself I want to wake up.

I have only tried to wake up once. It did not work, and I felt stuck which caused a bit of panic for a few seconds. I then remembered that I didn’t want to wake up.
If you want to wake up because the dream is unpleasant, then the real problem is not that you are dreaming but that the current content is unpleasant. That can change quite quickly though.
As we learn from the first Nightmare on Elm street movie, if you want a monster to disapear, turn our back on it and take away the power you have given it.

But something that often can make one wake up is ofcouse excitement. Try doing something fun! Ofcourse, use your eyes! Because they are not paralysed you can use them as a link to the outside world. Close them hard and open! Sometimes the facial muscles move too so, maybe make faces. Jumping can sometimes make the legs move.
There is also the passive approach. Don’t do anything! Be absentminded! Sometimes staring at something can make the dream more vivid, and other times it can end the dream.
Remeber, if you want to wake up because the content is bad, then a FA is not a bad thing. In those, things are normal. You can choose to not examine things to see if you are dreaming, and pretend you are awake. It wont work for long, because you will be too curious, but at least the dream is different now. The bad element is gone. It might come back but at least you won some time. Perhaps then you’ll have another FA and repeat the process. All in all that would be better than having the constant nightmare because at least you get breaks between the scares. you minimize the unpleasantness until the inevitable real awakening. (That last sentense sounded a bit spiritual, in a way)

haha consider ure self lucky i dont wanna get out of my ld’s tough i only had 1 and it was kinda short :smile: