harold and the purple crayon ideas?

hi! i have an idea for what you can do in a lucid dream! have you ever read the book Harold and the purple crayon? Its is a very popular children’s book, and they also used to have a TV show and you should see it on HBO kids! anyways, it’s about a boy who has a crayon and goes on this adventure at night and draws anything he wants. i was wondering if we could do something like that at in our next lucid dream, take a crayon (or any other art supplize) and draw anything we want and make it come to life! just like in the book!

if you do this in your next lucid dream, post here! :content:

I´ve actually seen that show. Your idea is truly brilliant! :grin: I will try it for sure in my next LD! :content:
And for you people who haven´t seen it:
youtube.com/watch?v=UmXJvBRG … re=related
(sorry that the clip is in russian or what ever)

That’s a good idea! :smile:
Though I’ve never seen the show.
It reminds me of chalkzone though, (where he draws the circle in the blackboard and jumps in, and can draw things to lige)

I agree, it totaly does :content:

tried it out last night in a LD :happy:


That sounds like a cool idea. I’m definately going to try it!

does indeed sound like chalk-zone, which is better and why ?