has any one achieved lucid dreaming

hi all
i am new
has any one achieved lucid dreaming


I suggest you sign up and post a more detailed question in “Lucidity Intro”.

Um… well unless we’re all lying (or insane) and assuming that the scientific proof was somehow wrong…


Yes I do.

I agree you should join. There are a lot of great people here who can help you learn to lucid dream. Hope you decide to join. It’s free, fun and I have to warn you very addicting. :smile:

yep, most of us have. It just takes a little practice, and a lot of determination

Lucid dreaming is not like oobe its a lot easier some people hear have experienced hundreds of lucid dreams, I think I might have had over 50 my self, but some of us have been doing it for years, the best method I have come acrossed is the WBTB method
the following is the message writen by marc VanDeKeere on his site consciousdreaming.com

Best Lucid Dream Method

Hello Everyone,

First, I want to say that I have been using the following method, and it has been showing some AMAZING results. I usually have quite a lot of lucid dreams (one to three lucid dreams per week,sometimes more, sometime less, but usually one to three). Using this method outlined below, I had twenty-five lucid dreams in one week. Yes, you did read that correctly, twenty-five lucid dreams in one week!!!

That was a while ago, but the ongoing results are still very promisng. Although I have not had anywhere near twenty-five LDs in one week again, I have been having much more than I usually would. More importantly, by using this method I have around a fifty percent chance of successfully inducing a lucid dream whenever I make the time to use it.

So needless to say, I am still awestruck with the dramatic increase and attribute it to this technique that I am going to pass along to anyone and everyone who will listen. Shedding light on the magnitude of increase that we are talking about here should help others realize HOW EFFECTIVE it really is, so be sure to try it out!

Here it is:

The WAKE - BACK TO BED method

  1. Go to bed for 6 hours or so

  2. then Wake up

  3. Stay awake for an hour or so
    (…or at least until you are “awake”
    & not sleepy-headed or foggy-minded,
    Get out of bed and do something
    You HAVE TO get out of bed!!!
    preferably read something about LDs
    (books, newsgroups, etc…)

  4. THEN go back to bed
    using whatever technique you normally use
    i.e. MILD technique, affirmations, trance induction,
    visualization, grounding your awareness, or whatever :smile:

THEN it is lucid dreamzzz, my friendzzz

The timing can be adjusted to suit your purpose but it is adviseable to get a considerable of sleep (six hours is perfect ) and then stay up until you are no longer groggy minded and sleepy-headed. Once awake, sometimes twenty minutes of being awake will be enough for me, I will then go back to bed with amazing results.

One key thing I have learned is to set the pattern by establishing a routine of doing this regularly. I have been doing it off and on with great results, but when I buckled down and made it a priority. The first week I did it on three mornings and I was fifty-percent successful at inducing a lucid dream. I had about five LDs the first week, above average.

The second week again I did it three mornings and had even better results with more LDs and a slightly higher lucidity ratio (about ten LDs for the second week, well above average. The third week was like lucid dreaming magic. It just seemed to kick in and it was LD records for me. Again, I did it about three mornings and had LDs totaling twenty-five or more for that week!

How great is it to lose count of your LDs
during a one week period?!??!

    So I think the KEY is to be consistent and get the routine engrained and absorbed into your subconscious. With time it seems to be getting easier and easier, and as a bonus effect of all this induced lucidity, you can expect to have extra spontaneous LDs during the night. It is like an added bonus plan. On this past Saturday, I had a spontaneous LD during my first REM cycle and managed to ride it out for a long looooooooong time. I think the total number of LDs in the series was nearly ten. One LD after another with small intervals in between them in which I was still conscious but did not have any visuals so I would just wait it out in "Limbo-Land" until new visuals would appear and the whole cycle would begin again. 

Total time of maintained lucidity was at least an hour, possibly an hour and a half. It was by far the longest LD I have ever had and I have had many long ones of forty-five minutes or more with seven or eight reentries, but this one takes the prize!

which is why I am relaying this to everyone I possibly can :smile:

Feel free to forward it to anyone you know who may be interested.

Yes, that is a good method. However, it would be more accurate to describe it as “best for you” and not the “best method”. There are many different methods described on ld4all and everyone has different results with different techniques. Some will use WBTB as you described, some do WBTB differently, while others don’t use WBTB at all.

For instance when I use WBTB/WILD, I found (for my self) that it is much better to go right back to sleep after I wake up. Others found the same to be true with MILD.

Happy dreaming.

I personally have not LD’d. I think I’m going to use fire stone’s method though. Oh, and: this entire website is dedicated to LDing. It has many accounts of ppl LDing, ways to do it, full journals about it, etc. LDing is not like the Buddhist Enlightenment, this is actually attainible by anyone and everyone who has the dedication needed. I would DEFINATELY reccomend becoming a member. There truly are great ppl here. They have helped me on my long journey to lucidity. Sureal is one of them, as is milod789. (Thanks again guys.) :wink:

Well not exactly entirely dedicated to LD’ing, it also has another similar subjects as OBEs.

well, granted. :smile: but hence the title “ld4all”

As someone who has both practiced zazen and LDing, I can second that.

If someone is willing to put in a little bit of effort and experiment with various LD techniques, success is pretty much guaranteed.

Some people have more of a knack for it than others, but it’s a learnable skill.

WBTB is already a very commin technique used here (which is why we even have an actonym for it :tongue:). Though I definatly wouldn’t call it the best - just the best for you.
The best tech/tech combinations is different for everyone :wink:.

I suggest you sign up and have a look in the Dream Diary section. :tongue:
Basilus : 72 LD’s up to now

The method Firestone described (SWBB) is very effective, and even more so when used in conjunction with other methods. In fact I think it is really more of a catalyst to other methods than a method in its own right. If you haven’t tried it though, I would strongly suggest that you do as it really can produce some amazing results. It does seem to be very useful for almost anyone who uses it consistently. One downside to this method is that it can be hard for some people to get back to sleep after being awake for a while.
Try it for a week and I’d be very surprised if you don’t have a lucid dream.