Has anybody done this before?

Has anybody ever seen there ownself standing/floating infront of you in a dream before.

I was wondering because this has happened to me and another and we were wondering if any one else has had it happen.

For me I was in a class room and I saw myself floating in the air looking at me. I I then was drawn to it and when we touched we merged into one. This caused a wave of energy to surge though out the dream breaking it into millions of pieces leaving me in nothingness which caused me to wake up.

So any input will help.


Whoa great experience dreamwalker! I’ve seen myself in a few dreams, but never experienced something alike…
In one dream I saw myself sleeping in bed. I put my hand on my (sleeping) forehead and concentrated on healing myself. When I woke up I had a profound feeling of warmth inside my head.
In another dream I witnessed myself running away from an attacker. I recognized this situation as an old childhood nightmare, but now I was standing outside of it, watching the whole scene, instead of being part of it. But I didn’t become lucid however…
Such dreams, where I see myself, are often very strange and give me weird sensations and such. I wonder if they have some psychological meaning?

i think i’ve only had one dream where i saw myself. i had two identical dream bodies and my consciousness kept switching between both of them. one of the bodies was lucid and the other wasn’t lucid so when i switched to the lucid body i flew for fun, and when i switched back to the non-lucid body i carried on w/ my dream, i switched dream bodies 3 or 4 times in the course of that dream shrug

Sad to say that I have never had a experience like that at all. Sounds like an awesome experience though.

mystic said:

If you don’t mind sharing what were you trying to heal and did it work?

That’s a cool experience, mystic. Thanks for sharing. Your thoughts/ideas inside and outside of dreams are always uplifting. :content:

Thanks for the replies everyone.

Mystic: I have done that too but didn’t touch it.

Onieromancer: That is something. I did something close to that but I split myself into two of me and I could feel and control both bodys at the same time. Then I pulled myself together and felt a little stronger in a way.

Nothing in particular actually. Just the wholeness of my body. My forehead was kinda warm when I touched it. It was all very special but it didn’t last very long though :sad: I’m not sure if it was truly healing, but at least I got this impression upon awakening: I was fully refreshed and felt some deep warm tinglings inside my head which lasted at least half an hour.
I’ve tried to do it again several times afterwards, but never succeeded. But I’m wondering… how could this dream game with illusionary perceptions create such real and profound sensations afterwards?

mystic, i’d say that experience was DEFINITELY related to some of the principles behind the microcosmic orbit exercises :yinyang:

I’ve been thinking about that too, but I’m not sure about the nature of this correlation. As far as I can remember, I didn’t feel any true chi flowing, nor was there any unusual activity at the important acupuncture points… The feeling of warmth was also not pinpointed to a certain spot (crown, midbrow) but was more or less centered in the middle of my head, with outward spiralling. You may be right ofcourse (lol I hope you’re right :smile: ), but I don’t see the related symptoms of the microcosmic orbit…

i said “related to” not “equated to” :smile:

but your body has 3 collection points for chi. the major one is the lower tan tien in your navel. the other one is at your heart level in the center of your chest, and the third… you guessed it… in the center of your head.

my guess would be you stimulated the energy stored at the collection point in your head

Oh I forgot about the storage centers :ack: Then it makes more sense indeed :content:

I should have read your post better I guess :smile:

What ever it was it sounds like an amazing experience.

To see yourself, you can walk in front of a mirror, and waiting long enough, your other self will become independant.

You will have similar effects merging into any powerful DC. And if you don’t know how to proceed, ask him to do it for you. They usually do.

I’m not quite sure if this fits in, but I had the strangest experience last night, something that never happened to me before… (I’m going straight to the point) I awoke in my dream and found myself lying down, almost exactly as my physical body was when I fell asleep. Ok, I was aware of myself being in a dream yet I didn’t have real control over the enviroment, the thing is I (from inside the dream) stayed laying down and tried to induce an OBE. After what actually felt as a physical struggle, I managed to leave my dream body… I couldn’t maintain this for more than what felt like 5 minutes (can’t be sure about time in there), but during those 5 minutes, I, or whatever part of me that could have been, was floating around watching my sleeping dream body.

I had lost my voice, and as I said before I was actually feeling a physicall struggle of some sort. I returned and exited from my dreaming body a couple of times wondering why I couldn't achieve lucidity?? (strange since I was already lucid or at least partially lucid in my dream) It seems as if I was trying to fall asleep inside my dream and from inside this dream-dream, achieve lucidity. On my last exit from my dream body I suddenly had this wild fear or suspicion that I would not be able to reenter my body if I kept at it for much longer. I promptly reentered my dream body and willed myself to wake up. Like if rising through different layers, I sat up in my dream body and than truly awoke and found myself sitting up in the physical world, drenched with sweat (and it isn't summer here at all)...

Now, the question is, I have been lucid before in my dreams, yet I have never had one of this nature. Inducing an OBE from inside a dream? And what also confused me was that all the time in my dream I kept asking myself, kind of worried, if I was sleepwalking or OBE'ing( I actually thought that I was walking around my apartment). Like if my lucid dream had become the physical world, and I was trying to fall asleep and have a lucid dream from there??!! I was wondering if anyone has had any similair experiences and what this could be, if it is anything else besides another dream scenario...

Well anyways, thanx for the patience and see you around!!

Splitting experiences: the most intense ones is being in trance watching one thing in my room with one eye and another thing or perspective with the other (both eyes closed) and the two begin to merge, felt like I would be stuck in that closing ‘loop’ forever, being paralysed also.

that is such a cool idea!

A lot of my WILD’s are like that, unsure if I’m in my physical body or already in the dream trying to WILD. It might be to do with your lucidity/awareness, when it’s too low you can do funny things like shut off music in dreams so you don’t disturb you WILD attempt

Hmmm, I haven’t read anything on WILD before, but that makes all the sense, since indeed that is what I did to achieve a LD in this case. Than I guess I have no need to worry about anything ‘bad’ happening, which is great since (in my case at least), any suspicion of something being ‘dangerous’ automatically prevents me from having the experience at all… (or at most auto induces a nightmare. Something which I find very simple to achieve yet I see no actuall benefits in it at all)
I will read more about WILD, I find the approach pretty interesting… Thanx again and see you all around.

I saw myself once in an LD, and then I merged with myself like Pedro had posted about some time ago. There was no particular feeling involved. It was ok.

i can relate to a simmilar experince as you dreamwalker. i too have merged with my self and hava surge of energy, no boom explosion like your dream, just a pulse within my self, ended up increasing my lucid abilty no end although then i stoped recording and lucid dream for over a month and it stufed it all up lol i am on teh come back tho might try it again.

thanx Dreamwalker given me a good idea