Has anybody else used these new lucid dreaming triggers?

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Hey Guys this has to be talked about, I got a customized 40Hz lucid dreaming file from 44frequencies and they are like nothing else around. I have tried everything else out there to become lucid with no luck… My dream journal has had about 7 pages over the last 10 years and all within the last 7 days i have suddenly got half a book worth off dreams. Not just dream but lucid ones! I highly recommend to check them out. They custom make them to say your name and they add reality checks that you ask for through the night as you sleep. This is astonishing at how well they work… They are giving away free stuff with them too so if you want to lucid dream go grab one. This is what we have waited for. These things will be huge soon :happy:

Some trippy stuff is happening in my life already too that i cant explain!
There is a part in the file that i got that says “Imagine what you want now” and I woke up from seeing my wish in a dream to finding a present at my door from the postman that was what i was dreaming about. WTF! :grin: Message me if you want a link since i cannot post them here> But seriously go check it out its the ultimate dreaming aid by far.

Those who go on the ride with me… ENJOY!

eck! seems spammy! What’s on that URL that you can’t repeat here?

:wizard: waves wand and nothing happens :nuu:

Something new and different that all people who want to lucid dream NEED to use… This thing is magic i cant wait to use it again and i want to share… What did you mean whats on that url that i cant repeat? :meh:

You can’t sell on here, Awake. You can only point to free resources. This post will probably be removed for spam, since the ‘files’ you’re talking about are in a pay-for package.

I just read the rules again now and missed the part about posting links to products… sorry :>/ Not sure how to say it really otherwise… I have seen 1000s of posts with people asking how to lucid dream. This WORKS! The guy should be famous, but from what i can see its only a new thing so i guess he will soon… If you want regular lucidity get on it!

Welcome to the forum. You can find numerous threads here on binaural beats and their effectiveness. I was once a beta tester for BWGEN about 10 years ago and your promises are misleading. Some people find the sound nauseating. For those new to the subject you can hear a sample here: