Has anybody even Lucid dreamed on melatonin?

I wanna buy it but only if it’ll help because a lot of people have said it doesn’t really help with lucid dreaming and mucks up the cycle and others say that it helps with more vivid dreams and recall but not really with lucidity. Any answers appreciated!

[color=orange]I have had a lucid -don’t recall how vivid- but I believe it was by chance. From experience I don’t believe melatonin really helps with the rate of lucidity or vividness. If anything it makes tends to make an individual drowsy and puts an him/her to sleep faster than usual. That’s what I have to say about it from experience. Its possible I didn’t use it at the right time or the right way to experience the beneficial effects.

Vividness and things of that sort may vary among individuals for numerous reasons involving the chemical/hormonal balance, diets, etc. Using the supplement often will eventually render/lower your natural melatonin production since the body is getting enough via the supplements and is convinced that it no need to produce it. Believe that’s how it messes up one’s cycle.

I’ve a lot of experience with melatonin. At the nadir of my battle with depression, I abused it in high doses with other sleep aids in order to sleep far more than my body needed, both as a method of escaping waking life and simply because more sleep = more dreams. From what I could tell, it didn’t seem to have a large effect on the vividness of the dreams themselves, and I later learned from reading the label very carefully that it says not to take it if you have a depressive disorder… Yeah.

On the whole, I’d say it’s not worth it. The only purpose it served was letting me sleep my life away, and I strongly advise you not to do what I did. Like Koharo said, it can also throw off your body’s natural production of melatonin, which can mess up your sleep cycle. Needless to say, my sleep schedule was quite wonky for a while after my lengthy experimentation with the supplement.

Melatonin has never helped me with anything other than going to sleep. I’ve had a lot of success with vitamin b6, but you have to be careful of the time you take it. If you take it too much before you go to bed, you’ll be up all night, since it’s actually one of the main components of energy drinks.

I’ve had some success with melatonin. I think from memory they came in edible 6x tablets with the recommended dosage being 1-3 tablets. Bioglan homeopathic remedy I think it was. Well, I found if I had any more than 2 tablets it would knock me out for the night and I would have a slim chance of LD’ing. So if your going to try it just take 2 tablets and no more. It certainly helps but is not a sure fire way to LD.

I would suggest taking vitamin B6 or a B complex before sleeping. This has a much higher success rate and can be taken in conjunction with melatonin if you like.

If your looking at pills there are some lucid dreaming pills out there like this one: dreamamins.com/002.html which I had some success with.