Has anyone ever learnt a lanuage in a LD?

I’d like to learn a language while lucid dreaming. Has anyone ever done it or tried? Can you look at some vocabulary of the new language and then recall and repeate it in your dream?
I know it seems like quite a bland thing to try but is it possible?
I have also seen many people that have practiced things in their dreams but haven’t seen any who have memorised things that they don’t yet know. Maybe a reference can be given?


Lucid dreams probably could help, but isn’t it just a big hassle for little gain? You rely entirely on your memory in a lucid dream. I don’t think it’s worth it because for most people lucid dreams are short and don’t happen often enough for you to learn a language.

However, if you lucid dream every night and use the language you are trying to learn, assuming you already have good basic knowledge of it, I’m sure new connections would form in your brain strengthening the old. Eventually if you talked that language in lucid dreams regularly, you wouldn’t lose the skill you gained. This goes for any skill in my opinion.

Basically how lucid dreams would help is the same how using the language in waking life would. You would remember words more easily for example.

I’m not an experienced lucid dreamer so thanks for the answer.

Actually this is similar to what lead me to lucid dreaming… there was a post on four hour workweek about reactivating languages you already know using lucid dreaming to practice. i.e. you could immerse yourself in a dream about another country and speak/hear them talking another language. However you are just relying on what you already know, not learning anything new. I’m not that good at getting lucid yet, but experimenting with languages will be one of my goals in the future.

If you want to use lucid dreaming for learning vocabulary or grammar you will find that it is almost useless.
It is a great tool to improve pronunciation and develop fluency, though.
I started to learn Chinese two years ago, and luckily I had a lucid dream just when I had learnt for about two months. If you’re interested, this was my dream log entry:

I was in a large, luxurious room with a big dinner table. There was only an old Chinese woman sitting next to me. The table was empty. I looked outside. It was snowing gently. The little houses on the street had lots of snow and christmas lights on them. (It was Summer at that time though.) When I looked inside the room again, we both had food standing in front of us. I became lucid. I have to ask her something in Chinese, I thought. I can practice. I asked her how the dish is called that she had in front of her. I found that my pronunciation suddenly was without any accent. She replied with something strange, later on I was able to understand a little bit: She said that I should try my own dish. And she said she wants more. I realized that everything she says comes from my own mind. She was speaking quickly, much quicker than I ever did. The food was delicious. I just ate the dream food because it was incredibly tasty. Then I asked her something else, I don’t remember what it was. Again, flawless pronunciation. When she replied, the dream faded.

I already had an ok-pronunciation at that time, later on I was able to master it, today Chinese people can’t tell I am a foreigner unless they see my face.
Later I only had one other LD in that I practiced speaking, but I can’t recall it very well. I am still living in China so I get lots of practice every day and never saw it as necessary again to practice in my dreams. If you don’t have the language environment you can practice in your dreams to master your pronunciation and develop fluency.
Talk to the dream characters in the new language, let them talk much, as it is actually yourself talking.

Hey beautifuls.

I do think there’s more to it. I’m not talking from experience. I have definitely heard stories of people learning to speak a new language overnight. One Portuguese friend of mine said he learned to speak Spanish in the course of one night. I speak a bit of Spanish and have seen this friend talk with someone from Spain, he did seem fluent although maybe not completely flawless. This friend was not some very special genius. Except in the sense that we’re all geniuses.:wink:

To learn that quickly we need to tap into somthing different than just memorizing a language word for word. And whether you call this the quantum field, the smart subconscious or the infinite intelligence or God, I think we’re more able to tap into that during ld dream state.

I’m still a beginner with lucid dreaming. But it might be worth a try to lucid dream that you are already a fluent speaker of the language you’re want to speak. Don’t just dream that you’re memorizing words. Dream that you’re speaking fluently. Or put yourself into that country and put your awareness into one of the native speakers there.

Would love to be updated if you manage to. :wink:

I dont know … I think you should do things in your lucid dreams which are illogical, things you cant so in RL. Like flying or playing for your fav. basketball team etc.
I mean I can learn a language in RL too :smile: