Has anyone ever succeded with WILD?

i see that WILD is the most talked about method on this forum but my question is: has anyone really done it multiple times and use it as their primary technique?

Of course!

You think it’s so hard, because so many people make topics about failing it.
That’s because they are all new to it.

Most of the ‘‘experienced’’ lucid dreamers successfully induced a lucid dream with the method.

So, you could try it too.
Most people make that kind of topic after their first try, so the fact that they failed isn’t so weird.

Good luck!

You can do whatever you put your mind to. As long as you focus (not to much though)
and try to stay conscious, you should do fine. It only takes as long to master as you make it. :smile:

It has always been easier for me to do this when I am very exhausted. You become relaxed in a dream state MUCH more quickly that way!

It is all about whatever way you make work best for yourself though.

I shall admit. I am TERRIBLE at intentional WILD’s. I went though a patch of getting loads of them though, so, I think it’s one of those things that is unique to everyone. Whilst I’m awful at ‘techniques’, I’m a much better natural Lucid Dreamer, so, you just need to find something that suits your own personal needs :smile:

thanks for your insight guys, however, this topic wasn’t for my finding a technique because mine is MILD. i was just wondering if there were people that actually use WILD as their technique. i suck at WILD lol my 3 LDs have been from MILD so i use that. but thanks for answering my question =]

I usually attempt it in the early morning. I have seceded with it before, but unfortunately only 20% of the time. It must work well for a lot of people or else it wouldn’t be a major/commonly used technique.

The best time to do it, is when you’re really tired and feel like you’re just going to pass out.

So true! In fact, the first WILD I had was completely unexpected. I just saw a bright, vivid flash of light and a burst of sound, it startled me so I moved. Then, a few seconds later, it came back again, and BAM! I was in a dream. Check out my “Superbus!” dream in my DJ, it’s the one that inspired me to open a dream journal.

…And I’ve experienced four WILDs up to this date.
EDIT: Five now!