Has anyone ever succeeded at WILD in the evening?

i’m meaning to ask if anyone has succeeded in the evening rather than WBTB and doing WILD in the morning. cause i did it in the evening and got SP and this weird sense of my body and me going in separate directions and huge speeds. this is the most that i have got out of WILD so far. i tried it again when i woke up in the nighttime, but i couldn’t even get to SP. my body was constantly crying to me that it wants to just go back to sleep and that i’d leave it alone.

so i want to know if WILD is generally even possible when you first go to sleep rather than WBTB. cause everyone i’ve asked pretty much said it’s not really possible.

I’ve been asking me the same thing! Nice you made a thread about it :smile:

I’ve been as far wild WILD in the evening as you. Complete SP, HI, pounding, strange feelings… but never entered sleep or any dreams while still being conscious.

For waking up at night, try waking up a bit later than you already tried because I didn’t succeed at WILD after 5 or 6 hours either, I have to give myself longer to rest before being able to succesfully WILD. :content:

I’ve never had a WILD so i wouldn’t know, but i find that at night i get better odds of getting to the point where SP starts creeping up from my feet and i get a fast heartbeat where as in the morning i just fall asleep again.

I think it is possible, tbh im scared of WILD. When that feeling comes from my feet up to my head, i move. So it would work if i just was brave

it is possible, i think you need to be sharply focussed all the time, this takes training and a little experience. I never got far in wild, so to do it with WBTB is the best to train it, I think. Build up some experience with WBTB combined with WILD, and eventualy you are ready to do WILD in the evening.

hehe, Bird (did you change your username…? :colgate:)… i actually can’t afford to really wake up later to try WILD :sad: i wake up at 4 and it’s still too early it turns our (although it’s like 5-6 hours of sleep already). but if i wake up at 5, i will not go to sleep properly, as mom gets up at 6 and starts messing around in the home, so there’s a lot of noise. i can’t get any good sleep then, it’s just so light. i get messy dreams at that time usually and keep waking up due to the noise. WILD just wouldn’t work in this situation :meh: so i’m either stuck in the evening, or a nap… but naps are also complicated :tongue:

ajax, like i said, can’t really do WBTB :sad: at least, much.

Huse, if the feeling scares you, you’re just doing something a little bit wrong… it used to have that too - where it makes you feel like you’re heating up or just that your body parts are so pressurized and are gonna blow up :tongue: i used to get that, but now i know a way to get to SP without this. normal SP feels like your body parts are just gone - they’re not there. no pain, no scariness :tongue: the way you do it (i learned it through meditation) is that when you lie down, you start from the top of your hear and say to yourself, my forehead is calm and relaxed… my eyebrows are relaxed… and so on, down to your feet. by the end SP will start from your feet, but you shouldn’t feel any tingling or heating sensations, they will just… disappear :tongue: you won’t know where you placed your feet or your arms xD that’s not really scary, it just feels like they’re invisible or something :tongue:

I did avalinah :happy:

I feel bad for you waking up that early! Is there a possibility you can go to bed an hour earlier? Or is that really too soon for you? Or maybe earplugs? :tongue:

@Huse, same as avalinah said and I think that when you reached SP you shouldn’t focus on your body, like don’t do anything with your meridians and energy because if you do, you get poundings and feeling like you’re boiling and such all not so nice feelings. You shouldn’t feel your body yet you are still aware of it.

hehe i knew it :happy: why did you change it? i didn’t even know one could change it :eek:

anyways, earplugs would be nice, but then i’m afraid i wouldn’t be able to wake up at all xD or maybe… if a disaster struck… and i slept through it… :happy: haha.

i don’t think i can go to bed earlier, since i go to sleep at 23. although when i get a job, i might have to. getting up early bites :meh:

i did almost succeed at chaining today though, but not WILD. i woke up many times, also at 5 am, so i had no other choice but to try, but WILD at night… i can’t do it :tongue: something’s different, and i can’t do my whole ‘relax myself and go to SP’ part. Chaining almost worked though :smile: i was seeing pictures in front of me, but i think i moved too much and then they all faded. i possibly need more practice :smile: almost got lucid tonight anyway. did multiple RCs, but i did them all on the verge of already waking up, ended up doing them in bed while i still though i was in a dream. wonder why is that, that’s really weird. but oh well, some progress at least.

I have read somewhere that it is possible, but I can’t remember where. It will be difficult, since you get better REM cycles later in the night, but it is still possible, if more difficult. You might also try it during a nap on a day you have free.

tried it during the day, but usually there is not enough time for that. and i’m not sleepy enough.
during the night should be easier, but for me it’s somehow harder! i don’t get this. wonder why…

It is harder during the early night because REM isn’t as close as later on in the night. It is probably the same with naps as well. I wish I could find the post I read before about it. I would say find a technique and stick with it, though. See if it works for you. Maybe try some meditation as well, as that may help you out.

well, i do reach SP (but not with WBTB… my body keeps yelling at me for not letting it just sleep properly)… but i never get HI, it’s just black. and it’s been worse deeper into the night (like with WBTB). i think i’m too aware.
i learned to get to SP in a matter of minutes through meditation, actually. it’s just that my mind never bothers to form any images or go anywhere with it. i’ve had a successful WILD… only in a dream :happy: (i actually did WILD in a dream… talk about lol…)

Have you tried rolling out of your body after you hit SP completely? Once you hit SP you’re usually nearly there. Also, have you tried doing a RC to make sure you are actually still awake and not sleep-WILDing? :gni:

Well, this should be huge! Do you happen to be too worried or expecting images to form? Maybe if you simply try visualizing you are meditating, with your eyes closed, somewhere else (some where dreamy!) Whenever I get into SP and don’t get HI (I tend to get one or the other…) I usually try to clear my mind and imagine I’m touching something. The sense of touch comes in a lot easier than the visuals.

The trouble with WILD at night, as I’m sure has been mentioned is that you take a long time to enter REM sleep. But, if I’m not mistaken, WritersCube WILD’s at night. In fact I remember him saying it only takes him 5 minutes to enter a LD. So… shrugs

I know he’s been LD’ing for 20+ years and he could probably enter a LD while fully awake too XD point is that it is possible. [size=59]Just don’t expect too much in case it takes 20 years to learn! :razz:[/size]

Yes, it’s possible, I succeeded on 3 WILDs from wide awake.

The secret is just being patient, AND optionally, using some techniques to quicken it.

well that’s great then. if it’s technically possible, then it gives me more hope.

patience is not the trick. rather, not the only thing. i could lay there patiently all night, and nothing would happen. i used to do it for hours. there’s something else that’s missing.

i’ve actually tried imagining or meditating or something, but i can’t see the images well (i used to be good at imagining things when i was younger, but at some point i started really sucking at it :meh: the darkness overcomes all… i just can’t see anything when i try… or it’s too vague…). anyway, even after 30 minutes nothing would come up on its own. i must be too aware if i’m imagining things. it felt to me like it was chasing the sleep away even.
but others succeed without HI too, so it’s not like it’s a must.

HI isn’t a must for me. Sometimes I have the same difficulty as you and I think it is because I’m too tense then. Because if I give up, the HI appears in just a few minutes and then when I realize it’s there and I really focus on it instead of just letting it be there I get tense again and it fades away.

The first wild I ever had happened two minutes after turning off the tv for bed. I fell asleep at ten after king of the hill and then woke up from the wild at ten nine.

Of course WILD does work in the evening - you only have to create the potential situation. I, for example, if I go for a WILD I only try it at night, before going to bed. This is because, if I wake up in the middle of the night by alarm, my sleeping cycle gets messed up so badly that I won’t be able to walk on my feet the next day.

There is one important fact you need to take in account: Exhaustion. (Being tired after a long day makes falling asleep a lot easier: it relaxes your muscles and pushes you into your dreamland quicker, as your mind wants to ‘shut down’ asap for recovery.)

Once you have that it’s all a matter of timing: Set a certain interval for you to become conscious of your surroundings and yourself. In the meantime let yourself drift away in thoughts.

The answer to your topic question is yes. However, I wouldn’t recommend WILD, as it is hard. Go for a DEILD. Remember: everything has to be natural. Don’t force anything and you will succeed.


According to this, you have to sleep 2 hours to get to REM… WILD seems to be way too hard.