Has anyone here been registered or visited dreammoods.com?

Just wanted to know if there’s anyone here that is or was registered onto dreammoods.com or just visited. :smile:

what is the site, it does not look like anything important?

Never heard of it untill you mentioned it. I have seen similar sites but their major draw backs are that they always mention stuff that is ‘spiritual’. Once I hear ‘spirit’ or anything that seems to predict the future through dreams, I close it. Dreams have nothing to do with any magical spirits or the future. I have searched a few things here already and havn’t seen anything like this.

Eh, I take that back. I looked up what ‘flood’ could represent and it talks about how ‘someone is trying to use you’ and stuff like that. Stuff you are unaware of. Dreams can’t bridge the gap between two brains and their intentions.

Go check it out . . . if you can. I got banned 3 times so I can’t even get to the homepage. But maybe you guys can . . . :wink:

why did you get banned from the site? I’ve seen it and been there. They aren’t quite as organized as this site.

i’ve posted a few ‘celebrity’ dreams there. i found the site extremely difficult to navigate the forums. i didn’t take much notice of the dream definition sections at all as i believe we have to find the meanings to our own dreams.

it is a good place to read other peoples dreams though…some very entertaining ones.

Hmm, I just might check that out. It looks interesting.

let’s stick do ld4all ;D

I’m a member. :smile: