has anyone noticed....

that after say i have masturbated, that u become soo relaxed that u may find it easy to enduce a lucid dream. i have noticed a few times that i start experience REM period very very easily and i realise i am dreaming or startin to and wake myself up but with abit more effort you could maybe get an LD this way?
any1 done this?

You know I never thought to try that. Though I have noticed for some reason that if I wear boxers at night im at a higher likelyhood to have a sexual dream versus wearing briefs. Actually masterbation is useful for falling asleep period.

[color=indigo]As the first girl (I presume with ‘boxers’ being worn lol) to post I say I agree totally. I’ve felt closer to being able to WILD when I have masturbated rather than when I haven’t. Never had a lucid dream after, but then again, I’ve only had a few LD’s so whatever. But I always have better and more viid dreams. As you said, it’s just good for going to sleep, so you automatically get into that sleepy relaxed position you can just lay there forever in. Best thing for dream recall as well.

hehe, this has been my little dreaming technique lol.

:wink: [/color]

hey pistgurl i seen u on sealife forum lol, eeee small community.
i will try this sometime masturbation and WILD together, i shall call it MAWILD? :cool_laugh: im not mad.

sometimes it makes me fall aslepe real quick but of course i have the problems with myoclonic jerks, so it doesn’t really work too well.

myoclonic jerks? well i will deffinatly going to try masturbation and then WILD, and if need be i will need to practice it every day, OH NO :smile: :happy: :content: :tongue: :grin: :cool_laugh:

Um… dunno? I never really note down whether I’ve masturbated the nights when I’ve had an LD. Y’know, cos I have a feeling that my mum knows where my DJ is, so I try and avoid putting some things it it :razz:.

you could just put a purple star or some other symbol on the top of THOSE pages, she won’t know but you will :content:

Don’t have a purple pen :wink:.

BUT, that is an interessting idea. I could have different symbols for different things… I’ve had to skip out some dreams cos of stuff I don’t want people reading.

Of coarse, I’ll proally forget what all the symbols mean :razz:.

i havnt had a lucid dream from it but i find it very easy to slip into some sort of REM period from it or somthing like that.

ive tired that… i fell asleep really fast but i couldent remember any dreams