Has Anyone Read the Book, "How To develop Your ESP Powe

Written by the brilliant Jane Roberts, who is responsible for the foundation of the famous SETH material, in which the author, in a light trance state, channels and speaks for SETH. A man who has been dead since the early 1940’s.

The reason I ask this question is because I believe this beautiful work of art is extremely informative. I recommend this book to anyone interested in a spiritual lifestyle.

This book covers
Ouija Boards
Automatic writing
Dreams (LD’s, Precognitive Dreams, Clairvoyant Dreams, etc.)
Psychological Time
The Human Personality
The Spirit World
Mediums and Controls
The Logic of SETH

I will, later, post a couple of SETH excerpts from the book. So that, maybe, you’ll go out and get the book.

I’m afraid you can’t post copyrighted material on the forum. :wink: