Has anyone tried Liquid Dreams?

I am presently downloading a site called "Liquid Dreams’ which someone on this ld4all site suggested. It’s free and makes lots of enticing promises. I went to Google and found it. Has anyone tried this Liquid dream stuff yet? and could you comment on it if you have please? Anybody?

Yeah, I’ve tried it. Very cool, lots of sweet features.

liquid-dream.com is the site. I suggest all of you check it out.

I don’t like it. It basically serves to help you keep a database of dreams, dream characters, dream themes, etc. It also makes you do reality checks every minute (of course this is adjustable) and it has some induction help. Because the induction thing uses text-to-speech and not pre-recorded speech, it’s a pretty small download. However, it doesn’t use binaural beats and things like that.

I just went to the site to look at it. Looks like it might be a helpful program. I don’t really know how well it works though. I keep my dream journal the old fashioned way pen to paper. Let us know how you make out with it.

Apparently, the Liquid Dreams version I downloaded is only a 4 day trail. Is there another version that is completely free?

Ive never used it so I don’t know. I would not spend too much money for something that you could do with a note book and a pen.