Has lucid dreaming improved your life?

Hello everyone!

I’m new to lucid dreaming, I still haven’t been able to achieve my 2nd lucid dream, however trying to get one has improved my life in a very important way: I’m a university student and as most students will know, my sleep schedule - or actually my LIFE schedule overall was very messed up. I was staying up until very late studying or working, then had to wake up early for school, then fell asleep at class and was generally tired all day, all the time, surviving on coffee and energy drinks.

However, as lately I’ve been trying to achieve a lucid dream using techniques, the first thing I realized was I had to sleep more – how would I wake up 5 hours before normal to try WBTB if I went to sleep at 4am and had to be up at 7am? It was just not possible. So I started going to bed early. I now go to sleep at midnight, sometimes even earlier, so I’m getting around 7-8 hours of sleep, and instead of staying up late I wake up early to study, and I don’t feel tired or sleepy at all during the day. I’m studying much more, I concentrate easier and I’m getting much better scores! :happy:

I know not everyone need a big amount of sleep and that everyone has different schedules that work, but I never thought that something like trying lucid dreaming would help me improve my life that much – and it’s not the lucid dreaming itself, it’s just trying to do it.

Has lucid dreaming also improved your life somehow?

Since trying to LD I’m always excited to come home and go to bed at night. I can’t say that I go to bed earlier, but I do stay in bed longer trying to increase my chances at an LD—

For me, keeping a DJ as well as the LDs themselves have enriched my life by expanding my imagination and my understanding of it, as well as a better understanding of myself as a whole.

Well yea, it has enriched my life with a new goal. And goals are always good so you don’t go around reaching for nothing. Also lucid dreams are awesome!

I used to think that dreams were interesting as a little kid, but i eventually lost interest in them. Lucid Dreaming brought that back and made me exited to go to bed and dream. :happy:

It improved my creativity

LD’ing is very fun. After having an LD, you can be sure that you’ll have a perfect day, since it gives you a nice dose of adrenaline. It’s also fun to read trough some old dreams from your dream journal, especially dreams which are 1-2 years old. It works like a diary. So yeah, LD’ing has in fact improved my life. :smile:

Yes! I wake up so happy after a LD. It’s a great feeling.

Creativity is all, people. How much more creative we are, more we use our brains, more we see the beauty of existence, more we are intelligent, more we love. It’s the way to peace, to equality, freedom. We should make people see it. We should show it to children. We must be children. Image streaming, meditating, lucid dreaming, these lead you to understand it. Hope to have got through.

Lucid dreaming has became a strong point in my life, something i can always rely on, it has most defentally changed my life withouth a doubt for the better.

Lucid Dreaming can open the mind up to the whimsical nature of reality. I feel like since I have discovered lucid dreaming, life is so much more beautiful :smile:

Techniques, and most of all lucid living has trained my prospective memory to where I rarely have any of those “what was I just doing?” Or “what was it I needed to do today…” Moments. Oh crap, that reminds me I have to call and have my perscriptions refilled.

It has inspired me to create art and music. It has also turned me into a deep thinker. Also, I look forward to going to bed. Lucid dreaming is awesome and life-changing. It has given me perspectives that I would have never considered otherwise.

Now I actually look forward to sleeping, and my insomnia is pretty much gone. When I can’t sleep, I just watch my body fall asleep.

Is it normal to almost be moved to tears while Lucid Living and imagining all the cool stuff one could do if real life turned out to be a dream?
I fantasized about this some days ago and I was so overwhelmed by joy and excitement over the fact that I can experience that exact thing that I wanted to smile and cry at the same time.

Personally it has improved my memory incredible amounts and I think that is just a nice general skill to have.
Also I think it is very good because whilst I am off school for the 6 weeks holidays I have something to do to exercise my brainpower and maybe even increase it.
Lastly it gives me something to look forward to at every stage of the day, have fun in the daytime and when it was usually boring going to sleep normally, now I have Lucid Dreaming to look forward to and since my dream recall and vividness has increased remarkably even if I don’t have a LD I can still remember my really fun dreams. :happy:

I had my first truly stable and vivid lucid dream a couple nights ago, and that dream alone has made me feel really happy and cheerful lately.
It was in that dream that I fully realized just how amazing lucid dreams can be, and I’m looking forward to having my next one. :content:

I get LDs more frequently during afternoon naps. I feel more energetic for the rest of the day when I have one. So I could say it has improved my life a bit.